Friday, August 2, 2013

Swarovski Crystal Moravian Star - Kirsten's Birthday

This is the Swarovski Crystal Moravian Star, I think I spelled it wrong on my video switching around the a and i at the end of the word.

Watch the little sparkly video Moravian Star

Oh by the way I am looking for a smartphone app that I can edit my video's. I do not have an Apple IPhone even though I own everything Apple. Instead I have a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, I love it, but the app I want is for smartphone. Here is a link to a page with lots of video apps for your smartphone. I am trying each one, so far I don't like any of them that well. 

Nope I am not selling these, it would take a down payment for a house to purchase these wholesale. The thing about buying wholesale is you have to purchase in the 100's. These would be a fortune! a huge investment. I am sure they would see those they are gorgeous but you have to purchase all one color of something as well. Those are the drawbacks to wholesale. In any even I was able to get my hands on one through my Swarovski Sales rep at the wholesale price. I am so excited about this gorgeous 8983 Swarovski Crystal Moravian Star size 74mm x 117mm size.

Read the interesting story behind the Moravian Star here.

I have been sick all week long. Just not feeling myself mainly because I have had sleeping issues. 

Today was my daughter Kirsten's birthday so we went to Leatherby's, it's a family ice creamery local restaurant, I was not hungry either because I have not been feeling well but the french fries were good! yum. It was my mom, Steve, Kirsten, Rylan and Me. It was a nice little lunch with our daughter and grandson and grandma (my mom).

 My two sweeties

my friend Terry says she likes this photo best so I put this one on here as well. My husband took the photo with my Samsung smartphone.

This is the most adorable photo of Rylan with his little day care buddy at the park this Friday. So sweet. 

Have a wonderful weekend! I am going to try to feel better and get some blogging in!



  1. Oh wow I saw collection of crystals on your wondering you like them, and they're so adorable. I love the blue color of this one :)

    I have no ideas about video editing app :)
    anyway, your 2 sweeties are beautiful and the last picture is so adorable.

    have a great day! And blessing


  2. I have a Samsung Galaxy III, not got a great app either. Sorry you are not sleeping well. Looks like a fun part though. That picture of the little ones is precious. The star is pretty, too.

  3. Hi Kat,
    great pics! I hope you are having lovely weekend.

  4. Gorgeous! And the picture of your two little ones is adorable. What is it about the cuteness of two people standing side-by-side. I hope you are doing well, my friend.

    Love and hugs!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to Kirsten!
    Beautiful Swarovski Star!! I have an iPhone and don't have a video editing app. Great pictures. Hope you are feeling better sweetie :) Have a wonderful rest of the week.
    Hugs, Dru

  6. Lovely family!!

    Best wishes, Sandra

  7. Hope you have started to feel better, great pic of you all, and love your little grandson with his friend that is just too cute!

  8. Sorry you have not been feeling well. That blue star is beautiful! Great Pics of you& your sweeties!


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat