Sunday, September 22, 2013

Autumn is Here!

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. Albert Camus

Good Sunday Morning to you!
To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

Ecclesiastes 3:1

I was sick this week with horrid allergies, but it rained today and the cooler weather and cleaned the air and brought much relief to me. I am always sick in the last days of summer. How I hate summer and Praise the Lord for Autumn, Winter and Spring. Spring can many times make me sick as well, but I can't hate it because of the beautiful leaves and flowers that bloom. It's snowing in the Sierra Mountains (just a hop skip and jump but yet the air is cleaner and fresh and the pine trees don't make me sick). I should move there or Oregon where I feel good all the time. Something about the valley air makes me very ill. Soon we plan on either leaving CA or moving to the mountains. We are getting ready. We are getting rid of things this winter and hope to make our move next year. I am really praying about it. 

I worked on my quilt this week and I also decided to make a few for Christmas, lap size for gifts. 
My quilt is almost done, I would be done but sickness prevented me from finishing it. So instead I rested and made some funky wool felt leafs and hair accessories. 

For fall an Orange and Golden Rolled Rose Hair Band

To say good-bye to Summer a Deep Fuchsia and Bright Pink Rolled Rose Head Band

A Basket of Wool Felt Leafs and Acorns. I have decided it needs some maple leafs, these look like turtles and I am not to found of them.

I plan on decorating my house for fall, I don't do Halloween decorations any more I much prefer fall, the leaves are so beautiful. I hope to do some fun fall crafts in the weeks ahead. I can't believe the year is almost over and soon it will be Christmas. Ugg! time is passing so quickly. My husband says fall is the most beautiful time of year, though he hates the barren trees. It takes until winter before we lose all our leaves here in California unless it gets very windy and we do have a lot of wind. 

Today in the afternoon I plan on driving to Sacramento to visit my daughter and grandson Rylan we are taking him to a small zoo in Folsom Ca, that is where Johnny Cash spent some time in the Folsom prison he wrote a song about it. His wife's name is June Carter, I always wondered if we were related, my maiden name is Carter. He he. You never know.
Do any of you watch "who do you think you are" a fabulous show on Genealogy using movie stars and tracing their roots. So interesting, it's my favorite show. I have another favorite now called "Cedar Cove" with actress Andie MacDowell, she is the same age as I am, born the very same month and year. She looks great. I always liked her. Now I have given away my age. But I feel young most of the time except for pains from fibromyalgia. 

Well today will be a good day because I get to see my daughter and Rylan, it's mother and daughter day. Since my daughter works full time we have to carve out some time together now and then even if it is on Sunday.

Have a great day! and happy Fall or Autumn whichever you say.


  1. You sure keep yourself busy!! I love all your projects and you look better than Andie McDowell!! I am kind of happy about Fall changing weather, but do not like winter. No, don't like it a bit!

  2. Happy fall Mrs. Kat :)
    So good to hear from you hear but I am sorry about your sickness, hope you feel better soon.
    Well, I do too prefer to fall decoration, aren't the gold leaves are pretty? :)
    I love all your crafting, I saw some on your pinterest.
    And, it's good to spend time with your daughter. Mother-daughter time are always the best for me.
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. You are always a busy lady, dear Kat :) I think your leaves and acorns are darling! I am sorry to hear your were sick - I hope you're doing much better now, sweet friend. Have a blessed week!


  4. Sorry to hear you have been suffering, I hope that you will be able to move somewhere that you feel better more often. Your fall projects are just too cute, I have made those flowers before they are fun.
    Hope you had a wonderful day with your daughter and grandson!!

  5. Love the hair bands, very fun idea.

    Hugs Diane

  6. Hi Kat, Isn't this weather crazy, hot and cold and it sure messes up the sinuses! I have a lot of projects to do, but don't do them. I did get my Chrismtas craft done last year and hope to do one this year. We will see.You don't have the url option so I will sign out with Google and you can hit the link to GOF.


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat