Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sick Puppy, Quilting and Lighthouse Trips


I have had a sick puppy, that is what I call my dogs is puppies, they are not puppies, but to me they are sweet puppies. My little Effie has been sick, they think she is having issues with her back. Well we had every test for her except her back, they came to this conclusion after the other test, another test will be about $150.00 more. I have already spent about $425.00. I can't believe it was $179.00 for blood work.
She seems to be doing fine the past few days so now I feel like I can come on here and blog but I was feeling pretty stressed out when she was not feeling well.

Today was about 106 degrees....I want Fall so bad!

My little Effie is the black and red puppy 

I just got in my new fabric to start my second rainbow quilt. See the first one.

I made this pillow today with some leftover scraps from the first quilt a little patchwork quilt pillow.

Rainbow Patchwork Pillow to match my Rainbow Quilt

Okay well I did say I was gonna show some photos of our trip! so I will...

Day 1, we went on two hikes to visit two lighthouses both we had been to in 2000 and 2001, that was before we had a digital camera and smartphone. 

The first lighthouse Point Reyes, this one is quite the hike out!

At Point Reyes Lighthouse

after getting to Point Reyes we had to walk this to get back out! we made it!!!

Golden Gate Bridge on a very foggy day!

Point Bonita Lighthouse, there were a lot of people there that day and one couple was having wedding photos there, it was such a foggy day I would not want wedding photos on a foggy day as that.
It was quite a hike to get to this lighthouse as well. 

Yes we walked across this

Yes we walked on that bridge, well it's not called a bridge actually but the word for it has slipped my mind. If you know please remind me. This is the wedding photo couple in this photo as well.

After two long hikes we celebrated with homemade ice cream from our favorite place in Sausalito. Macadamia Nut! Yummy! we deserved it!

Day 2 we went to Fitzgerald Marine Reserve and Moss Beach

In the evening we watched planes land at SF airport the very spot where the plane crashed recently.

Here is a link to my photo album on Flickr, I have organized through the years all our trips, well most of them. The first two albums at the top of the page are from our recent trip and those albums have the photos taken with our Nikon camera and smartphone, these I posted today are from my smartphone.

Have a happy week!



  1. Hi Kat,

    Poor Pup. I hope she's soon feeling much better.
    Great photos. I once heard a recording of a Point Reyes fog horn. It was wonderful. I love lighthouses. We have a big one near us, Barnegat Light.
    Hope your day is a happy one.

  2. I hope those cute puppies get well soon, and then the pillow is so lovely I love the floral rainbow of the fabrics :)
    I'm glad to know that you had good times there. It looks so much fun there :)

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Sorry to hear your little one isn't feeling so well, hope she is back to normal soon.. Our cat is costing us a mint too, $160 for the latest test to see what her levels are for her seizure medicine, I should be hearing today or tomorrow how that came out. We aren't going to be able to afford 3 animals anymore, when these guys pass away we will just have one. Your trip pictures look great and looks like it was enjoyable!!

  4. Hi Kat,
    Thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos. I hope Effie is still feeling okay. It really is stressful when one of our fur babies is not well. Wishing you a lovely weekend! ((hugs))


  5. How lovely, sweet Kat. It looks like you had a delightful time :) I love your pillow! Your work is so beautiful, friend, and you are very talented.

    Thank you for the kind comments on my blog. Yes, I am safe from the flooding, praise the Lord! I live about 2 hours away from what took place. We got rain for about 7 - 9 days straight, but no flooding in our area. My sister and her family live in Denver, but they are all safe as well.

    And how fun that we have the same tea cup :) My Mother-in-law gave it to me since my family is Canadian.

    I hope you're doing well! Love and hugs!


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat