Monday, October 28, 2013

Still Quilting the Hexagon Quilt, Started Ohio Star Quilt

The weather has taken a turn finally from the 80's into the 60's just like that! the wind and all the Fall weather has really stirred up my allergies so I have been really sick the past few days.
The nights have been in the 40's and it's been quite chilly at night.
Last week I was so busy I had hardly zero time to work on any quilting. My daughter had a Medical procedure, she is fine. One day my sewing machine went crazy and it was an a short in the pedal and had to buy a new one for $80.00. Now all is well. I also went to visit a friend so lots of business last week. Time to get back on track and get the quilting done.

I started Morgan's Hexagon quilt, I meaning quilting the top. I just need to do in the triangles now, bind it and then it is done. I love it, it feels so snuggly. Perfect quilt for a teenager.

I will have some full size finished photos next week.

Friday night I started the Ohio Star Quilt, this one is for my mom, made with a Jelly roll and cream colored fabric with sunflowers on it, well lightly stamped, it is batik fabric, it her favorite colors, purple, purple, purple!

I had to lay it out on the floor, or I will never get it together correctly.

I can imagine I will sew one piece go back and get the next and go from there, notice each pieces meets in the center for a pattern to take place.

Well I better get busy today, I have a lot of sun catcher orders and then it's time to get some quilting done!
These are all Christmas gifts I am getting worried I am running out of time as we get ever so close to November!

Have a great week!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy SoNdAy! Quilting Continues

Revelation 3:20
Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.

The weather has been warm in the afternoons this past week 80 degrees and in the 40's at night brr! it's hard to believe that temps can jump that far and cool down that much. We are 10 degrees warmer than usual this time of year. I was hoping for a cool fall. The leaves are not in their normal beauty either this year. 

I have started on my next quilt last Monday a beautiful Hexagon quilt. Today is one week since I finished the last quilt. This one is much more time consuming and a lot of cutting and accuracy going on here.
I should have the top quilted by tomorrow or later today, if I am really a go getter today. I was trying to make it the way the pattern had shown it, but right from the get go I messed up the pattern, the hexagons were suppose to be over the triangles. I swear I have dyslexia, I have a super big problem following shape patterns. Well I had dyslexia characteristics as a child but many of them I have grown out of, but still some of them exist even to this day. I believe my dad had dyslexia and he was a super smart man.
I have always been kind of embarrassed about this, but the older I get the less I get embarrassed about things. It is what it is...

Here are the first three rows. I decided instead of pulling out my three rows I would leave it that way, because once again there are no mistakes in art! My husband was the one that told me I had it wrong, he said remember how I help lay it out for you on the floor?
Yes I had help laying it out, my adorable and sweet husband helped me lay out the pattern.
I think I need one of those design boards that would help me a lot but there is no place to put one in my room. 
Steve helping me with the design.
Now I knew what the design was of course but I was laying it out all wrong and he noticed so he jumped in to help to me.
I love these fabrics they are so sweet, the main theme is cherries but I went through and pulled out a lot of scraps to mix in with the cherries for a cheery quilt with lots of interest, it's for a teenager so I choose fabrics I thought she would love. She loves flowers and Cherries. I think this will be a great gift for her for Christmas. 
Though my work is not perfect yet, I am hopeful it will be soon!
I cut out 200 plus hexagons by hand
Then I needed the small triangles, I said ugg forget it and ordered the Accuquilt triangles quilt die. It came in two days and I had the triangles cut out in 20 minutes, over 200 of them. The hexagons took me over 6 hours to cut.
I bought that quilting die as well. 
 I cut them in my Sizzix Big Shot Pro (LOVE THIS THING)
I also bought not only the triangles but the matching Hexagon quilt die, both have three sizes, so I can make lots of hexagon quilts a lot faster. So much easier on the back too when you can cut them so quickly and accurately.
This was suppose to be the way I was to sew it in that pattern with the triangles between the hexagons and the hexagons under the triangles. 
I was a bit disappointed at first I didn't do this pattern, but now I am quite happy with the way I am doing MY pattern. 

This morning I had three little sweet hummingbirds waiting for me to arise, they were waiting for their nectar, I has forgotten about my lovelies last night.
This photo is not great, in the morning it is hard to get good photos under the eve of the patio cover.

Do any of you do Instagram? here is the link to mine.

Have a wonderful and Blessed Week Dear Blogging Friends!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy MoNdAy, Quilting Quilts, Jelly Roll Quilts, Stippling

Good Morning Dear Blogging Friends,

I quilted another quilt and learned a new technique for quilting the top of my quilt, it's called stippling a free motion quilting that you do with your darning foot. It really gives the top a very lovely quilted look. I do small stippling a lot smaller than the one in the link above.

Check it out what I learned to do! It adds a lot of dimension to the quilt and so quilty soft

I found a cute way to display my quilts

On to the next quilt, the one for my granddaughter Morgan, it's gonna be a hexagon quilt with adorable cherry fabric and polka dots. I have a lot of cutting do this week over 100 shapes, probably much more. Of course all the quilts I am making are Christmas Gifts, I have already received an order for a commissioned quilt, but I can't do it until after Christmas. It's a sister of a friend of mine. Here is my facebook page personal or my Craft/Crystal Site a fan page for my crystal suncatchers and jewelry. Next year I will giving that up and selling off my collections. Time to move on to the next phase in my life. I have lots of plans!!!
My granddaughter does not enjoy crafts, but she likes the guitar I bought her after Christmas this year.

My cat and puppies been keeping me company while I sew.
It's been cold and Tabitha has been resting on the dryer in a old quilt.

Or putting herself under blankets
She is old born in 2000

But she still runs through the house. 

Have a Happy Week! ~Kat

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Another Quilt! Jelly Roll Jam Quilt made with Baby Jane Fabric

It's a chilly Tuesday morning, the snow will be falling these next few days not far away. Fall is here weather wise. I need to go take some fall photos outdoors. 

Jelly Roll Jam Quilt I used Baby Jane Fabric

I did not follow the Jan Quilt Theme to the T I did a more random design and used all the strips I could to make the largest quilt I could, rather than the 36 x 36.

Here is my quilt all finished, it's in the wash right now so it will look more quilted when it is finished going through the dryer.

Here it is all washed and it gives it a much more quilted look.

I already started my next quilt. As you can see I love bright and cheery fabric.

This is not a good photo but you will see it when it is finished. 

That is one Christmas gift done! Yay!

My husband was on a 3 day fishing trip to Nevada with his pops and my granddaughter Morgan came to spend part of that time with me, it was nice to spend some precious alone time with her. We went to dinner, shopping and watched a movie. She played some guitar for me, the one I bought her last year. She is growing up and is 15 years old. I can't believe how old she is, I know it's very young but she was just a baby yesterday..... and I spent my days baby-sitting her. 
I hope you have a great week!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happy October!

October is here! soon it will be Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas!!! where is this year going....

I will have to put up a cute Halloween game that kids love also. I hope I don't forget.

I have photographed some of my Christmas projects.
On the list are puppets for the kids, not photographed yet.

3 Quilts, one is a twin the other two are lap sized... so I can finish those two in one week for each one or less if I keep at it, maybe even in a day.

The twin size quilt is going to be made with Riley Blake fabric, it has cars on it so cute.

The last project is a crochet Octagon Motif Quilt for my mom. That one I work on in the evening on the couch while watching TV or just relaxing.

(Missing Images)
The Colors I chose Blues, Green, Grey, Multi and Wine Violet

I've got a little stack of Octagons--each night the stack grows

Here is the pattern. A Octagon Afghan Motif Quilt

Oh dear it's getting late and I have to get going for a appointment today.

Have a Happy and Wonderful Crafty Day!