Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy MoNdAy, Quilting Quilts, Jelly Roll Quilts, Stippling

Good Morning Dear Blogging Friends,

I quilted another quilt and learned a new technique for quilting the top of my quilt, it's called stippling a free motion quilting that you do with your darning foot. It really gives the top a very lovely quilted look. I do small stippling a lot smaller than the one in the link above.

Check it out what I learned to do! It adds a lot of dimension to the quilt and so quilty soft

I found a cute way to display my quilts

On to the next quilt, the one for my granddaughter Morgan, it's gonna be a hexagon quilt with adorable cherry fabric and polka dots. I have a lot of cutting do this week over 100 shapes, probably much more. Of course all the quilts I am making are Christmas Gifts, I have already received an order for a commissioned quilt, but I can't do it until after Christmas. It's a sister of a friend of mine. Here is my facebook page personal or my Craft/Crystal Site a fan page for my crystal suncatchers and jewelry. Next year I will giving that up and selling off my collections. Time to move on to the next phase in my life. I have lots of plans!!!
My granddaughter does not enjoy crafts, but she likes the guitar I bought her after Christmas this year.

My cat and puppies been keeping me company while I sew.
It's been cold and Tabitha has been resting on the dryer in a old quilt.

Or putting herself under blankets
She is old born in 2000

But she still runs through the house. 

Have a Happy Week! ~Kat


  1. Oh Kat your quilts are gorgeous, I love the stipple quilting I haven't tried that yet, my machine has a stipple stitch built in but I haven't had the guts to give it a try yet. Your kitty is just the sweetest!

  2. Hi Kat, do you ever miss drawing graphics? My grandmother made quilts. I only made 2 and they were tree skirts. I just do small crafts now. Have a nice weekend!


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat