Monday, October 28, 2013

Still Quilting the Hexagon Quilt, Started Ohio Star Quilt

The weather has taken a turn finally from the 80's into the 60's just like that! the wind and all the Fall weather has really stirred up my allergies so I have been really sick the past few days.
The nights have been in the 40's and it's been quite chilly at night.
Last week I was so busy I had hardly zero time to work on any quilting. My daughter had a Medical procedure, she is fine. One day my sewing machine went crazy and it was an a short in the pedal and had to buy a new one for $80.00. Now all is well. I also went to visit a friend so lots of business last week. Time to get back on track and get the quilting done.

I started Morgan's Hexagon quilt, I meaning quilting the top. I just need to do in the triangles now, bind it and then it is done. I love it, it feels so snuggly. Perfect quilt for a teenager.

I will have some full size finished photos next week.

Friday night I started the Ohio Star Quilt, this one is for my mom, made with a Jelly roll and cream colored fabric with sunflowers on it, well lightly stamped, it is batik fabric, it her favorite colors, purple, purple, purple!

I had to lay it out on the floor, or I will never get it together correctly.

I can imagine I will sew one piece go back and get the next and go from there, notice each pieces meets in the center for a pattern to take place.

Well I better get busy today, I have a lot of sun catcher orders and then it's time to get some quilting done!
These are all Christmas gifts I am getting worried I am running out of time as we get ever so close to November!

Have a great week!



  1. Sewing machine problems are just a bear! i finally got my new one, and had an issue with the tension, but it is nice! I don't really want to start my quilt until i know I got the hang of the new machine. Yours are all turning out fantastic! I am just so jealous!!! I haven't even though about Christmas yet! haha, it is one day at a time with me!

  2. Love your hexagon quilt, is it hard to put that all together (matching seams), good luck on getting them all done in time. Your star quilt looks terrific too!

  3. Beautiful work, Kat! sorry about the sewing machine but $80.00 for a new one isn't bad. I'm sure everyone will love their Christmas gifts! Happy November!


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat