Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Veteran's Day Drive

How is everyone? I think I am feeling a little better....but it's so dry and my allergies are just so awful this year. I feel so tired all the time. It's a miserable thing.

We took a little drive to Nevada City California on Veteran's day and then drove through the mountains. It got us out of the house for about 5 hours. Just took some walks and had a nice lunch with my sweetie.

Here I am at the top of a mountain in Tahoe National Park

Nevada City on Veteran's Day

Old Church in Nevada City

Old Firehouse in Nevada City

I didn't work on a quilt last week, I took a break. Today I started a new quilt one for my daughter. I have one more to do after that for Christmas, I am on tract to finish them both! yay!

I had the pleasure of making a few gorgeous bracelets for my neighbor, I had these on my old website Krystal Kat's but when I moved to a new shop I didn't move these, I am going to post these back they are the cutest. I also have some heart shaped ones as well. Darling!!! I need to get them back up on my site. In any event I did manage to add them to my Etsy Shop. It's really hard keeping up with three places to sell my stuff, Etsy, my website and Artfire. But you got to do what you got to do to sell your craft!

Sterling Silver Square Beaded Birthstone Family Custom Bracelet with larger 8mm beads and Swarovski Crystal Pearls.

Sterling Silver Square Beaded Birthstone Family Custom Bracelet with 6mm Swarovski Crystal Beads and Swarovski Crystal Pearls.

Okay now have a great week! ~Kat

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Little Under the Weather

This past week I was not feeling at my best, whatever my best is! LOL!
That is why I was not able to visit blog buddies. So sorry I missed my weekly go rounds.
Anyway I had a horrid tooth pain that came on in the middle of the night earlier in the week and the next morning I called the Dentist and he got me in at 3. I was in so much pain it was a 10 and I did cry. It was awful. Come to find out I had a split root, the tooth could not be saved. I was shocked and sad. But thankfully it was the very last molar on the top. I thought the dentist could save all teeth one way or another. Well while he pulled it out it exposed my sinus and then I was sent home to recuperate with 3 medications. Pain Med, Penicillin, and a nasal decongestant medication.  
I am recuperating, but I also have had bad bad allergies.

Steve and I talk about selling the house next year and renting until he can find a job in Oregon, the weather is better for me there and we love it there.

This week, just yesterday I finished my Hexagon quilt for my granddaughter Morgan (Image Missing.) 
The backing is the red fabric. I quilted lines through the hexes and diamonds through the diamonds and it made the back look so pretty with the diamonds showing on the red fabric as quilted. I am saying I am in love with this hexie quilt.  The sides were done zigzag instead of me cutting them strait off. So this made for a two evening hand sewing go around of the quilt doing all the zigs and zags, it was a lot of work. 

I am working on this one still it looks the same as last week except I sewed the Ohio star together, it just needs the trim and then I will quilt it this week and another quilt done. Yay!

My pets were fun and helpful this week.
Edee my sweet little Pumpkin

Here she is wearing a cute bow

And Effie wanting to get in the new quilt when I was trying to quilt it on my lap. She was so jealous.

She finally decided to hop right on it and make it difficult for me to stitch around the border. 

I posted a wonderful idea I think to my sun catcher site this week called 4 Season's Suncatcher Crystal Suncatcher Gift Pack. It's a crystal sun catcher for all the season's that would make a great Christmas Gift. You should check it out even if you don't want purchase anything, I just love the idea of it and made special gift wrap for it with handmade crafted Poinsettia flowers. So cute.

This is only one option, but I have more options. 

Probably better change the photo to only red gift tags or brownish color, blue does not fit!

Have a wonderful week!