Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Washi Tape Collage Frame for Art or photos "How To"

It's craft day, do you need something cute for a last minute gift idea? try this, I made this in a few hours with drying time.
You only need a few things to make this, It is a collage frame. I used Washi Tape, Modge Podge Mat-Antique it is a water base sealer, glue and finish. You will also need a frame and your finger or a brush.
It's all you have to do after you have gathered your supplies is to start wrapping the frame with the Washi tape, be sure if your frame is not flat in the back you cover only the flat part so you can put the glass back in when you are done so it does not break. Start wrapping from the back not the front of the frame. You can use one color or do a collage like I did. Don't worry if everything is not perfect, it's not suppose to look perfect it is a collage. Try to smooth out some of the parts that are not laying flat, do this as you go along and then again when you are finished. After you are finished wrapping your frame use your fingers like I do or a brush and brush on the Mod Podge all over the front, when that dries do the back and as you are adding the Mod Podge continue to smooth out any bumpy areas. After that dries, about an hour or so, if it is not to cold where you are, then do the back. When it dries add your glass back,add your photo and walla you have a pretty collage frame for your art or photo. Let me know if you like this idea and if you try it?

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I think it's pretty cute!

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