Friday, February 21, 2014

For Sale, Sold in 24 Hours!

My husband and I put our house on the market, it sold within 24 hours. Here is the 4 sale sign, last night we signed the papers and sealed the deal, we got asking price. I do hope my moms house gets remodeled in time. I did call my FIL to tell him, so hopefully things can get done by the 28th of March! this is when we have to be out.

I hope you are having a great week!


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Saturday the Fun Begins!

Today is the day I go to moms to get her things she wants to keep out of the house. She will be moving in with us while her house is remodeled. My Pop starts the work on Wednesday. Our for sale sign goes up on Tuesday morning. That is the photo I will probably post next. 
It will take Pop about 2 weeks to get my moms house done. After he is done we will all move into her house. Steve and and I will pack our house up a little at a time each day and bring the most essential things to my moms house after it is remodeled. 
I chose Shaker Cabinets for the kitchen in off white. My moms house is 2000 square feet smaller then the house we live in with way less cabinets for storage. My Pop is taking care of that problem in the kitchen and throughout the house but Steve is going to build them in the garage like we have at our house here, we keep large kitchen things and holiday stuff in the cabinets. It's going to be hard to give up all this space, but it's for the best. This neighborhood has never been a good fit for us. We love it here the city the atmoshere and everything about this area, we just don't love the way our house is situated. When we bought this house it was brand new, we only had a map to look at, that is never a good idea if you cannot have a true visual view of what things will look like. 
In any event my mom needs us and her house is situated perfectly, it just needs everything done to it!
It will be like a brand new house. Stay tuned I will have photos to share.
The next four days Steve and I will be going through moms house.

Here is a few things I made this week...earrings to go with my floral necklaces and a beautiful Fairy Sun catcher. I love Fairies.

I won't be able to get these posted to my Etsy or Artfire Shops until Wednesday if my body does not hurt to bad from working so hard. 

These earrings go with the necklaces I made and are posted in the previous blog post. although I do show the matching earrings to one of the necklaces above with the same necklace from the last post. I still need to make a blue necklace and Rose Gold necklace.

Have a wonderful Saturday! ~Kat

Friday, February 7, 2014

Spring Blooms Swarovski Crystal Flower Pendants

Hello All,

Yes it will be spring soon... I know it's snowing and icy for many of you. How about some spring blooms?

We got our house going up for sale in about 1 1/2 weeks. They will be coming to take professional photos. We hired the best agent in our area. He gave us discount off his commission because I said to him. "I listen to your show on the radio and I want you to sell my house". Yay!

It's raining a lot today that is good we need the that the house will be for sale, will there be lots of rain? do I need to try to cover the carpet at the entrance into the house with something? have people wear shoe covers? I don't want my carpet and flooring dirtied. I had that happen at the last house I sold they left the floor completely muddy. You can imagine my anger! GRRRRR! I did complain the agent that was showing my house that day.  
Please tell me who would walk into a muddy wet yard on a rainy day into someone's home? 

Okay here are the Spring Bloom Flower Pendants I made today. 

I used Swarovski Crystals as always.

On the left I used Rose Gold Swarovski Crystals for the petals and leaves, with a copper blank, copper ball chain necklace.
For the Silver Pendant I used Tanzanite petals and peridot green leaves on a silver flower blank with sterling silver ball chain.

What do you think of them?

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

We're Moving!

Hello All,

Hope everyone is making it through the winter okay. We are having Spring in CA. Each morning it is very nippy but warms to 6o degrees. We've had very little rain.

We are moving to Sacramento County to live with my mom, we are going to fix up her house it needs a lot of work. Now since Dave had to go into a home because my mom was not able to care for him she is alone. I can't really get her out of her house, so we will go there. The house is 25 years old. It's in pretty good shape in many ways, but needs paint on the inside, new kitchen, flooring and bathroom updates very bad.
Our house will go on the market in 2 weeks we hope. In the meantime I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to do everything I need to do and how to organize all this is a nightmare. My Father in Law has stepped in to help us and suggested we do the work before moving into my moms house so we can not have so much stress. So we will need to get the money from somewhere up front to do the work. Don't you just love stress! NOT!
I will miss my house so much, it's so cute, I love it. My yard, my garden, My cabinets in the garage my FIL and Steve made. I don't know how this will all happen and work out, but I have to trust in God that he will make it all happen some way for us to be with mom so she does not have to live alone at the age of 81 years. We feel it is the best thing to do. But I do not like Sacramento County at all, but where my mom lives in a small suburb outside the city is a nice area. Praise the Lord for that. Her little town borders on the county line between where we live in Placer County and Sac County. I would say it is about a 25 minute drive from where I live now and since I was 21 years old I l have lived in this small rural town. Oh my how I will miss it. I am happy and sad all at the same time, how is that possible?

It's so sunny out so I am going to show off my sun catcher photo I took the other day, as you know I love suns if you are a reader of my blog.

This is a clear sun crystal ball I make, but I also have a golden crystal ball sun as well.

I recently made a few bracelets check them out they are adorable!

But looks like they were accidentally deleted by me!

Crystal Cluster Bracelets

Angel Pendants

Chainmaille Earrings

Chainmaille Earrings

Normally we are at church today but my husband is off a fishing trip and Superbowl weekend party with his dad in Reno today. It's ugly out and cold today.
Where is my sun! I miss it and it's only been since yesterday I had my sun.

Check out my previous Post on my Block of the month quilt I will be doing this year it's a quilt and it's called Bertie's Year.

Have a beautiful Sunday!


My 2014 Sewing Projects

Hello All,

I wanted to show you my 2014 projects for this year. This one is just awesome! it's called Bertie's Year and it's a block of the month by All Through the Year Quilts with Bonnie Sullivan.

I have received my first block of the month, I don't know how I will find time to do it, but I want to keep up, much of it can be done by hand while relaxing sitting on my couch in the evening.
The above is a sample of the quilt taken from All Through the Year website to show you what it will look like once finished.

The first block will look like this one below.

I hope mine turns out this cute. I will post them each month for all to see.

Have a Happy and Beautiful February!