Friday, May 30, 2014

Front of New House

Well as some of you know we moved from our rural area in Placer County CA, to Sacramento County CA, a city. It's a bit getting used to the city life, the traffic and congestion. However the house    Which was my moms house and is now ours is located on a quiet neighborhood in a nice area.

We are enjoying all the renovations pop did to the house. Each week we do a lot of work to the house and mostly now the yard.,

Next week he will come hang my new front door.

I was going to start with the inside of the house, but we are waiting for the plantation blinds and I need to redo the inside of the house kitchen photos. So next time the kitchen, which I am in love with. This house is smaller than our last house, but we are making it work. Gone is my spare room, mom has her own room, we have the master and I have my craft room. Hubby has the garage and a work shed he is building.

We are 5 minutes from my daughter and grandson. But we are further from my son and grandaughter now, who was closer to me before we moved.

After we sold our house and moved we had to go to a hotel for three weeks while the Reno was in progress. Finally we moved in the day before Easter as I talked about in my last post.

Since the move I have had Sciatica and carpel tunnel in both hands. They are slowly healing as long as I take things slow and don't over do it. I have been to the Doctor and surgery may be necessary if they don't improve. The Sciatica has also calmed down, but it is really always there, like a time bomb waiting to go off. It has been a stressful adventure with the pain and move that is for sure. Taking care of mom is also hard work. I need to find my groove, but right now everything is still not as smooth as I would like for my sanity. We will get there with faith and prayer.

Okay time to show the house, the look of it will change as time goes on and we add the new front door and paint the blue to a sandy color.

our new door will be in next week! so excited, the trim will be repainted to a tan or sandy color.

Succulents, Love These! Beautiful Basket

for Memorial Day

delicious coffee

My Suns collection

I painted the sign or rather repainted it but it needs to be a bit brighter, the words. So will do it again. Our wooden carved teddy from Wyoming Vacation a few years ago, well 10!

Have a wonderful weekend, next time the inside of the house.

Have a Sparkly Day!  ~Kat

Thursday, May 22, 2014

May 2014, All Moved In!

We finally moved into our new home on April 20th, the day before Easter. I think that was the day before.

Always busy these days. Trying to start my new routine. Still unpacking after one month but for the most part we are settled in just trying to find my groove again. 

had a nice mother's day with the family.

I will post some house pics later.

Happy May!