Thursday, May 22, 2014

May 2014, All Moved In!

We finally moved into our new home on April 20th, the day before Easter. I think that was the day before.

Always busy these days. Trying to start my new routine. Still unpacking after one month but for the most part we are settled in just trying to find my groove again. 

had a nice mother's day with the family.

I will post some house pics later.

Happy May!



  1. Oh I'm so happy that you're back Mrs Kat.
    I've been wondering where are you going - but I just got the good news here. I cant wait to see the house tour.
    Happy belated Mother's Day.
    Blessing to you,

  2. Congrats on being all moved in, glad you had a wonderful mothers day, hope you feel settled very soon!

  3. So glad you are all moved in. The pictures on facebook are beautiful.
    I am going to the doctor tomorrow on my hip pain...sciatica...or whatever it is. I will let you know if it helps at all.
    Happy Memorial Day!!! ((BIG HUGS))!!! ♥


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat