Thursday, June 26, 2014

2 Sail Away Quilt Blocks Done!

It's slow going so far, who knew this could be so confusing sewing all these parts together. By the photo it looked so easy but I find myself getting so confused one some of the blocks.

Well it's not to difficult I can't do it, the hardest part is done the fabric is cut! 2 blocks made. I think there is maybe 6 different designs of the sailboat blocks. 

This is what the quilt should look like when finished. I am sure since I already made the sailboat block #2 wrong it's not going to look like the one in the photo. I am making peace with that right now. 

Have a Happy Summer Day! 


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sail Away Quilt Day!

Happy Summer Blogging Friends! or what I have left of them. Blogging seems to be going by the wayside and my old blogging friends are gone. They are no longer blogging.

I just tried to upload a bunch of photos to my album but they are not showing up yet, so I will post them later. For now I am going to share my new project a new quilt that will go wonderful over the and on the couch we have in the family room to cover my legs and chihuahua's during the summer months while the air conditioner is on. Brrr! but without we are so hot. So that is why I hate summer, I am to hot or to cold and it gets very hot here into the 100's.

This quilt is from a kit called "Sail Away" from Makower UK. This quilt design is from the magazine Quilt-It.

This photo is the photo that was in the magazine Quilt-It Today

Everything is cut after working a bit here and there for 3 days on cutting the fabric up. I took my time, there were so many small pieces to cut and a lot of directions. 
Now I can get busy sewing away, hopefully can get this done pretty quick because I need to make some birthday gifts for the many birthdays this summer. 

In a few weeks it will be our 26th anniversary. We will be going to Lake Tahoe to celebrate that. 

A crazy thing, the street we moved off from and away from the city I lived at since 1979, well there were three other houses that sold all my neighbors. Once we put our house for sale everyone else did to and they all sold except one so far. That is just crazy! I wonder what the lady thinks that bought our house. The two houses across the street from her, for SALE, the house next door to her for SALE. Just crazy. 
It was not a bad street, I guess everyone was just ready to move onto wherever they needed to be at the next stage of their lives. It all just happened at the same time. Our old next door neighbors had to move to Monterey for his job, I am not sure about my other neighbors, I was not as close to them to know what was up with them.

Well the next photos should be of the house, more of the house and then after that hopefully a quilt or part of one. 

I also need to photograph my new quilt room, although it's pretty much a cookie cutter look my craft room from out last house. Although this room is smaller but my FIL put cabinets in here for me.

Happy Summer!


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Reno Photos of the House

I had a hard typing last time I posted and had quite a few typos. My hand is healing with the Carpel Tunnel wrap that the doctor told me to get. I can only wear it at night, it is hard to do anything during the day with it on. My sciatica is feeling much better as long as I don't sit or stand to long. Everything  in moderation I guess. My back hurt yesterday from cleaning the house top to bottom. It's my lower back that gives me the problems and then I get the sciatica.

Now our front door is in, but Pop was not able to finish the trim around the inside of the door he had to go. I hope he will be back soon to finish the small things that need to be finished on the house. It's the little things that are not done that drive me crazy...because I want to see this house reno completed completely.

As promised here are the kitchen photos today I will share. Next week the perhaps the craft room or perhaps the next photos should be the living room and family room, then craft room and bathrooms. The entire house was a reno. We took the money we got from our last house after the sale and put it into this house. This house is smaller, but it is cute and okay for just the three of us. I do miss my hometown very very much though. It's going to take awhile to get used to this life. I am starting to get my groove back though. It's hard to find time for me, but I am doing it little by little.

Last week I spent the day shopping my granddaughter Morgan, she is going be a Junior. Wow that is just shocking how time flies.

the entrance into the kitchen from the family room
little eating nook area and pop added cabinets for me to keep my holiday dinnerware in. It will also be a great area for when the family comes, I can put food up on the granite behind the table and move the table into the corner and use that for a food service area as well and ditch the chairs to the garage. Everyone can eat in the dining room.
the other entrance into the kitchen is from the dining room
Everything is new in this kitchen it was a complete reno. Custom white shaker style cabinets, new tile  floors and granite, new appliances. Bosch oven upper and lower and Bosch Inductive stovetop as seen below.
Bosch Inductive stovetop. It takes special pots and pans that cost us nearly $300.00 for. Wish I would have known that before hand. How am I going to do my canning? well that will be an issue for next year, not gardening this year, the backyard is a mess. It's so ugly that I so miss my yard from our house before we moved. So sad :( My husband wants pop to put handles on the false door under the stove. So he will be back to do that and quite a few little things left to do.
This time we chose the side be side fridge, last time we had the drawer in the bottom stainless, but it was so hard to find things in there. Imagine looking through a big drawer for clothes or whatever.
I love the upper and lower Bosch oven it's great!!!!

Looking back into the kitchen from the other end
It almost looks like a galley kitchen, maybe it is I don't know?
The dining room with the new shutters that just were installed this past Friday. Just in time for over 100 degree heat wave.
Dining room

My hutch filled with my great grandma's dishes from England and my own collection of tea sets. You can find the link here to check them out.

Now i just need some toppers for over the shutters and for hubby to hang my curtain rods.

Little close up of the Inductive stove top.

 Now the new door is in, but guess what we have to paint the trim of the house. One thing leads to another. I don't like the blue anyway. We chose Valspar Sun Valley CI 158 for the trim. We have not put it on yet, so we will see how it looks with a sample first. I have learned from the past, only buy enough for a sample and see if you like it before you buy a ton of it, you can't take it back if you don't like it. This trim color will go for the whole house trim, so we have to like it, I mean love it!

Looking out from the front patio onto the street.

I am baking bread for a Sunday dinner of chicken salad and whole wheat bread. Yummy! perfect for a really hot day in the Sacramento area. 

Have a Happy Week! ~Kat