Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sail Away Quilt Day!

Happy Summer Blogging Friends! or what I have left of them. Blogging seems to be going by the wayside and my old blogging friends are gone. They are no longer blogging.

I just tried to upload a bunch of photos to my album but they are not showing up yet, so I will post them later. For now I am going to share my new project a new quilt that will go wonderful over the and on the couch we have in the family room to cover my legs and chihuahua's during the summer months while the air conditioner is on. Brrr! but without we are so hot. So that is why I hate summer, I am to hot or to cold and it gets very hot here into the 100's.

This quilt is from a kit called "Sail Away" from Makower UK. This quilt design is from the magazine Quilt-It.

This photo is the photo that was in the magazine Quilt-It Today

Everything is cut after working a bit here and there for 3 days on cutting the fabric up. I took my time, there were so many small pieces to cut and a lot of directions. 
Now I can get busy sewing away, hopefully can get this done pretty quick because I need to make some birthday gifts for the many birthdays this summer. 

In a few weeks it will be our 26th anniversary. We will be going to Lake Tahoe to celebrate that. 

A crazy thing, the street we moved off from and away from the city I lived at since 1979, well there were three other houses that sold all my neighbors. Once we put our house for sale everyone else did to and they all sold except one so far. That is just crazy! I wonder what the lady thinks that bought our house. The two houses across the street from her, for SALE, the house next door to her for SALE. Just crazy. 
It was not a bad street, I guess everyone was just ready to move onto wherever they needed to be at the next stage of their lives. It all just happened at the same time. Our old next door neighbors had to move to Monterey for his job, I am not sure about my other neighbors, I was not as close to them to know what was up with them.

Well the next photos should be of the house, more of the house and then after that hopefully a quilt or part of one. 

I also need to photograph my new quilt room, although it's pretty much a cookie cutter look my craft room from out last house. Although this room is smaller but my FIL put cabinets in here for me.

Happy Summer!



  1. What a pretty quilt. Just perfect for summer I think.
    You're right, summer never seems to get it right. It gets either too hot or too cold. I am an autumn girl myself.
    Hope you show the quilt when it is done.

  2. Kat, I love that quilt!! How perfect for California!! I love summer, but it is not near as hot here.
    That really is crazy about the houses. Maybe it is because the market is better? We should put our house back on the market. The bad thing with our house is that it is old. Everyone wants a new house.
    Well, you have a great day!! ((BIG HUGS))!! ♥

  3. Can't wait to see it finished, to me cutting out all the pieces are a bit boring but when it all starts coming together it is so fun. I am with you I don't like the heat but I don't like the cold either.
    That is something about all the houses selling, I bet your new homeowner is probably wondering what is going on.


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat