Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy Last Day of August!

Tomorrow is September, one of my favorite months of the year....because I know fall is coming and summer is on it's way out. Although it never seems like fall here until late October early November.

Beautiful summer sky photo from the other night. It was really muggy that day and hardly no sun which is very unusual here. We need rain so bad and all we are getting is earthquakes. The large earthquake that happened is about 1 1/2 hours from here.

We are still working on the house!
We finally had to hire a painter because of the dormer and the super high peaks on the side of the house. I do not want Steve up there that high or trying to paint the dormer. So we had to wait until we got enough money together to get the house completely painted. If you remember he did around the door trim and areas he could do, or areas I let him do. LOL!

The rest of the things we are working on is getting new windows, I can hardly open any of these windows in the house. The house is 25 years old.
We will get them probably within the next few weeks, then my FIL is taking this fireplace wall down, see photo below, that separates the living room from the family room, I can hardly fit 4 people in one room, very hard to entertain your family in that area. Hate it so much.
So down it goes, fireplace and all. It's cute but not practical.
I can't believe the holidays will be here soon, so getting that wall down is going to make my life easier.
I just got my yearly tradition magazine Holiday Crafts. Can't wait to make a few things from it.

  I just pulled out all the fabric selections for this Fall Maple Leaf pattern table runner yesterday. I also want to make a fall door hanger. We will see how far I get. In one years time even with the move I have made 8 quilts or so. I have done practically zero scrapbooking since working on the quilts and moving. The move set me back on my crafting 5 months. So only since June really have I been able to craft, maybe late May. I can't remember when I started the sail boat quilt.
Isn't that an adorable table runner?

I think my hand is healing and arm from the carpel tunnel, but I have to do nothing, that is hard. It still hurts quite a lot though. The sciatica is always there. Boo, but I manage ok. Thank God!

Have a Happy Last Day of August! Be Blessed ~Kat


  1. Oh you girls are all so excited for fall..LOL!! I love the summer. My favorite to decorate for is Fall though.
    Your house looks great!! I knew the earthquake hot close to you, one of my high school friends lives in Vacaville and she said it made her house shake. Scary stuff. That was a bad one.
    Have a Happy Labor Day!!! Love you.

  2. I am originally from Michigan and fall with all it's colors is my favorite time of year. That leaf runner sure looks pretty. You captured a beautiful sunset there, glad you were not effected by the earthquake. I need to go to the store and check out all the new magazines out there. Your house looks beautiful but I can understand wanting more room.

  3. Hi Kat! What a nice big tree in the front yard! Will you be able to put a fireplace elsewhere? Santa needs somewhere to come down? ;) Getting new windows is the best thing we ever did- so quiet and the house stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Milgard is a really good company here in California. Enjoy September but you're right- autumn doesn't usually come here until November! (((Hugz)))

  4. That sunset!!!
    Your house is so pretty. Hope we can see how it looks when the fireplace is down.
    Have a lovely weekend

  5. Hi Kat, it has been so hot here. 106 these past few days which is unheard of! I bet it is warm up your way too I am also thinking of cooler weather. I wish we would have gotten new windows. I bet your house will look so nice when you have it all done. Hugs


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat