Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Happy Fall and Reno Still Going On Around Here

Hello Happy Fall! Last time I posted it was not quite fall yet. 
It is still hot here, next week perhaps the weather will cool down. Today 95 degrees, but it cools to the 50's at night, thankfully we have that right now.
We are stuck in the middle of our Renovations. The floor started getting laid but there was a problem and the floor installer stopped right at the front door to talk to my Pop. He has not been back since, we are waiting for the company we bought the Bamboo from to see if they will replace any boards that split. The installer says they are splitting at the ends when cut. So two weeks later I am still waiting for the floors to be installed. Possibly he will return this Thursday, we will see. I have brand new windows sitting out by each window waiting to be installed. I love pop but I am getting frustrated. My husband likes the money he saves us, but gees I am gonna get cranky pretty soon.

The antique bamboo floors partly installed. 

 I just did simple rectangles so the cat design would show through, I did a search on the Internet for other quilts made with this fabric but you can't see the beautiful design..So sad. The design is called Cat Nap by Lizzy House, and 

I am been all over the place with my crafting, doing everything from my jewelry and sun catchers to quilts and table runners. 
Here is my kitty quilt all done, I must say I love this so.

This fabric is called Tula Pink Moon Shine

Here is my newest quilt I just started. After that I will be finishing my fall leaf table runner and making several Christmas table runners for Christmas gifts. Can you believe it is time to think of Christmas. I have not been in the mood for the fall table runner since my house is in a disarray. I can hardly move in my craft room, the large room with the fireplace wall down is a disaster, and in my kitchen is a curio cabinet. Everything emptied. How frustrating!

I just realized I never showed a photo of my finished Sailboat Quilt

This photo was taken of the quilt before the fireplace wall came down.

I have decided to try to find someplace to walk around here as to hopefully get my leg to feeling better. Finally my hands and arms are healing some. It's been six months since the move. Hard to believe. The house will like brand new soon!

Have a wonderful Tuesday! God Bless ~Kat


  1. Hi sweet Kat! First of all, the floor looks amazing! I simply love it!

    And your cat quilt is just too cute. I love the backing - where did you find the fabric?

    Happy Wednesday, sweet friend. Hugs!

  2. Sorry over the frustrations your having with your floors, I bet you can't wait to get everything in it's place. Your quilts look great, with the weather getting cooler I am itching to do some quilting too. You asked about the punch to do that frame here is a link to what I am talking about and on the show they showed big frames and small frames. http://www.hsn.com/products/martha-stewart-crafts-frame-border-punch-starter-kit/7470875


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat