Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sunday March 15, 2015 Updating Backyard

Wow, it is just hard to believe it is almost spring in 2015. Were is the year going already!

Today I am just going to share some photos.
In a few weeks, well on the 23rd I think it will be one year since our move. The house completely remodeled on the inside, and new windows, new exterior paint. So fresh and clean and new.
My husband has been working on redoing the backyard. So far it looks awesome, we are going to get some flowers to spruce it up now. He had a new patio put in and the rest he has done himself. Cute little spaces and to include a garden on each side of the yard. The yard is small. This weekend he will be making the rock patio larger because I am requesting it. He likes to make me happy, so he said yes he would do it.
Here I am standing in the updated backyard, some say I am an angel others say a bat, but I could be a black butterfly! I don't want to be a bat.
Cute shoes I got a few years ago at Kohl's. I never wore them until this year.

 He has done everything except the patio. He put the retainer wall in, the rock paths and rock patio. The cement patio is brand new, which he wants to paint. 
I was checking out the flowers. Here are some beautiful flowers at the store. I don't know which ones I want, so went home to think on it.

I made a healing garden using succulents and cactus and put them in this cute container I bought. 
I was going through some things, and thought it would be nice to have a little garden to look at for reflection. Now I will have a bigger garden to look at very soon.

I put the healing garden on some stumps from a tree that was removed last year.
New patio and cute anorak chairs, love the colors. Cute does not have to be expensive, they are made from some kind of plastic material. 
See the rock patio, we will be adding onto that this weekend! yay! I love it, it's so pretty. See where the bark is? that is being removed. I don't like bark.

This is the entire length of the yard. On this end is a small garden, will probably be a herb garden. On the other end Steve is making me a veggie garden. Right now you can't really see it. I love the rock path he made, that is super cute.

So those are the photos for our new backyard so far. After this gets all finished the hubs says he is putting in a patio cover.

Have a Happy Son Day!



  1. Gorgeous renovation.. I love it๐Ÿ›

  2. Oh how wonderful!!! Your yard is so cute and your outfit is too!!! I love it and the shoes.
    Have a great weekend and Happy Spring.
    Hey!! Josh is getting his braces off April 6th. So excited!!


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat