Wednesday, May 27, 2015

April Showers Bring May Flowers and a Trip to San Francisco Bonita Lighthouse Family Day

Hello All,

We did not have that much rain, but we've had some. California is still in a drought. I've heard on the news last night that we are going to have an El Nino year coming up next year or even the year after. So rain is on the way and the drought will end eventually. Right now, it's all we hear about in the news. I get so tired of hearing about it. It's like the sky is falling, granted it's serious, but water management would have been nice. Maybe we can learn a lesson and plan for the next drought that will surely come.

So I've been up to so much that I have not posted in here. I am thinking of making this more like a website, or just a monthly dairy really since I do not blog much. I have very few bloggers I get a chance to visit. 

We are pretty much done working on the house and this year is a travel year, as we have many vacations coming up! Yay!

For the Month of April my family and I went to San Francisco for a day trip. We had a lot of fun, other than the fact an inspected wave came and knocked my DIL into the ocean, twice! We also visited Bonita Lighthouse that day with the kids. Rylan walked the whole way in with me holding my hand. It was so sweet.
Here are a few photos of our day

Cute photo of Myself, Daughter Kirsten holding Rylan, Brando, Kayla with Steve (PaPa)

All the kids, my son Shane, DIL Jaime, Morgan with her friend, SIL Glenn, Daughter Kirsten holding Rylan and Kayla and Brandon

Bonita Ligthouse

Bonita Lighthouse

A photo of the trail the walk out, my son there and in front of him my SIL Glenn with the shaved head. Seems everyone is walking out at their own pace, I stay behind to take photos. As you can see part of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Nice Family Day.

Have a Wonderful Day!


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  1. How wonderful to go on a trip with the whole family, looks like it was a lovely day. I have been praying you all can get rain. Texas is really getting slammed this year after their drought and we have had plenty, I haven't had to water my garden at all.


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat