Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Hello All,

Ok this is my 4th post today, as I try to catch up on a bit of April and all of May. 

We all know what camping is, but have you ever heard of Glamping. Well if you've seen some fabric and other images with the word Glamping on it, which is all the rage then you know what Glamping is. Honestly I never knew of this word until I made my daughters quilt for her for Christmas, 2 Christmases back. 
According to Wikipedia it is a style of camping with amenities, in some cases resort style services not usually associated with traditional camping. 
In any event in an effort to enjoy getting and celebrate getting order we bought a Mini Light trailer that will hook to the back of my 6 cylinder SUV. 
The sticker price is on the camping trailer but we paid $1000.00 left and I, yes me, little ole me had them throw in air conditioning and an awning. After all what is Glamping without air conditioning gees. So we got it $1000.00 less, brand new and had them throw in two luxuries for us. Yay! 
We go pick it up next week, right now they are installing the air and awning. 

Photos...why yes I do.
Soon we will begin a new chapter in our lives and we go Glamping!

Mom and I

Mom and I again

My little Cutie

Steve checking things out, not sure what, maybe trying to see if it will fit in our driveway.

Glamping here we come!

Happy Camping Glamping!



  1. How fun, we would love to get something like that, just not into tents anymore at my age... Congrats and have fun!

    1. I know what you mean Connie, I've never like tents ever!

  2. Hi Kat, that trailer looks really cute. You will have to post some pictures of the inside. I would love to go camping like that but we are moving soon and then I need to buy some new furniture. Have fun glamping!

  3. Where are you moving Susan? Did you sell your house?


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat