Wednesday, June 24, 2015

We've Finished Outfitting the Trailer Inside and Out....Time to go Glamping!

Officially It is Summer!
Happy Summer...

A Summer Blessing
May you walk with God
This summer
In whatever you do
Wherever you go

Walking with God means...
Walking with honesty
And with courage,
Walking with love
And respect
And concern for the feelings of others

May you talk to God
This summer
And every day and 
In every situation

Talking with God means...
Praying words of praise
For the beauty of creation
Saying prayers of thanks
For friends and good times,
Asking God's help
In all your decisions
Expressing sorrow
When you have failed

May you talk with God
Every day. Amen.
- Author unknown

Day trip to Scotts Flat Lake

This looks like a great place to camp, will put this on our list. Not to far from home either, about one hour and 15 minutes. 

We took the Tiny Trailer out for a spin before we actually take a weekend camping trip. My husband wanted to get used to the breaks and see how the SUV pulled the trailer. All went well, so now it's time to go Glamping! First camp trip will be to Lake Tahoe at Sugar Pine Point SP. This is a beautiful place to picnic, camp, swim and spend time with your family doing whatever you like to do at the lake. I've seen a lot of Lake Tahoe living so close, but this is a 5 star beauty. 

After doing all my upgrades and putting my own stamp on things this is what I ended up with, changing out the window boxes to zigzag fabric and changing the back seat cushion on the bench to Tiny Trailers fabric. To cute!
Love my saying signs over the bed and more cute pillows! Pillows...Pillows...Pillows everywhere to make it feel homey.

This is the wallhanging I made with the tiny trailer that my cousin embroidered on her embroidery machine. I used some really cute tiny trailer fabric. Wow I did not know there were so many cute trailer fabrics. It's wildly popular. 
I whipped this little wallhanging up in an afternoon, including quilting the top of it. Maybe I should have quilted around the trailer in some swirls. But I like how it turned out. Cute....cute..cute.

My husband is working the awning now. Learning how to use every thing on the trailer big and small. 

Have yourself a wonderful summer!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Mighty Lite Camping Trailer 12 Footer

Finally after a few weeks of having the air conditioner installed and awning put on, we brought home our new toy, the Mighty Lite 12' Camping Trailer. So excited! I am really happy it's just a tiny guy. Going camping with just the minimal will be awesome, esp when it's time to unpack after the trip and for towing should be easier as well. 

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves. As age comes on, one source of enjoyment after another is closed, but Nature's sources never fail. ~John Muir, 

Now a week later after the previous paragraph, we got the trailer home safely and have started putting our stamp on the little trailer, trying to get rid of some of the ugly brown in there. Every trailer always seems to have the ugly brown interior. I would love to have had a Vintage Small Trailer, they are so darn cute, but after remodeling this house the last thing I wanted was to remodel a trailer. I just want to have fun now this year. We've planed a cruise to Alaska and some camping trips. Last year was moving and remodeling all year long, this year I hope to just kick back and relax and so far that is pretty much what we've been doing. 

We went shopping today for things for the trailer. We stocked it up and our now redecorating it the best we can. 

Here is a photo of Steve's first back up into the driveway at our house.

My pillow on the couch, even with that ugly brown geometric design, the pillow makes this couch look pretty sweet. But not for long! soon I am covering the top back cushion to this fabric below. I made this pillow especially for the trailer. Isn't it adorable. I got the pattern at the Shabby Fabrics.

Isn't this fabric sweet, I mean precious! we are in love with it. I can't wait to get it, just ordered it today and I will cover the back of the couch pillow with this fabric.

Finding this fabric was a great find, it will go nicely with the little camper my cousin Katherine made for me with her embroidery sewing machine. 

It's so adorable. I am going to quilt around it a mini quilt to hang on the door in the trailer. 

This is the fabric in all the seats of the trailer, not to shabby, I think I will keep it, it's soft are pretty.

See those boxes over the windows, the fabric has to go, so we recovered them this weekend. I had a ton of fabric in my fabric stash, so I pulled out some and this is what we came up with.


Cute, cute, cute, see the newly covered window boxes? it's a bit of a mess in the trailer we are getting organized. 

Well I got the bathroom fully decorated and ready. Inside the shower/tub I put all the showering supplies into a caddy, so that is where it will be stored. There is a handle in the caddy, I just pick it up and in it I put shampoo, soap, toothpaste and so on, there are little sections in the caddy, I will have to show that off next time I do an update, it's a really neat and handy thing to put in your trailer in your tiny bathroom.

We would have gotten all the trailer set up today but it was over 100 degrees here. It was to hot to work in the trailer today. Yesterday we did the recovering of the window boxes and I put a lot of stuff in the trailer. We will be going camping in a few weeks, so excited!

God Bless ~ Kat