Saturday, August 15, 2015

Our Summer 2015, Alaska Cruise, Lake Tahoe, Family, Camping, Painting

How is your summer going? ours has been really busy and fun!

We've been taking outings as a family together to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. All days trips for us. In April we went to San Francisco and then in June to Lake Tahoe with the family.
After our family time at Sugar Pine Lake Tahoe, they went home and Steve and I stayed the night in our tiny camper. Morgan and Kayla both brought friends. They looked like sisters to me, their friends. Funny, yet they did not know each other. 
This is our camp spot that we had at Sugar Pine, Lake Tahoe. Nice place to camp.

Next it was time to Sail on the Golden Princess Cruise to Alaska!
Had so much fun, even though they lost my husbands suitcase for two days and they did not take us to the Fjord Glaciers as were suppose to be one of the places we were suppose to see. It rained a lot in Alaska while we were there, but a few days we had sun after the rain. Some days and ports of calls it rained all day. 
I will be posting about this cruise because I tried to do research on it before we left and there is so much misinformation out there, so I thought I would write the truth in a special post.
Leaving San Francisco, good bye time to take our 11 day cruise.
Here we are after we returned from a rainy day at Ketchikan. My hair is wild!
a little shopping
a little scenery, it rained the whole time we were in Ketchikan. Our very first port of call after being on the ship for 2 days.
The Golden Princess at the port in Ketchikan, that's us...
Next stop was Juneau Alaska, here we are mom, me and Steve shopping under the clouds after the rain.
Mom and I standing in front of the Mendenhall Glaciers near Juneau.
Steve and I at the Mendenhall Glaciers in front of the Nugget Falls waterfall.
Welcome to Alaska!
Shopping in Skagway, we also went on a tour
Me on the ship with my Alaska Beanie
The Golden Princess take really nice photos
this was one of the Formal Nights on the Golden Princess, we are not super formal 
Another formal night, a little more formal here, these are fun nights!
Formal Night me
Steve formal night
Sitka rained and rained. 

After Sitka we went to Canada to the Bushart Gardens and Butterfly Garden Golden Princess took our photo
Steve told me to pose like this at the Bushart Gardens, and I like it!
at the Butterfly Garden

Well that's it for our Cruise

After the cruise we had a ton of family birthdays. Here i took my granddaughter Morgan to paint! it was so much fun. I have never done a painting before and either had she.
What's funny about this painting is that the photo on the right is me in Juneau Alaska, after Morgan and I painted the painting I was looking through our Alaska photos when I found that photo Steve took of me. To funny.

Now we've been home since July 21st and I am just getting through all the photos we took. 

Have a wonderful August 15th!


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  1. Hi Kat!!! I am so glad you had a nice summer. The trips look great. Making memories for sure. That is important. Have a great week!!!


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