Sunday, September 27, 2015

My 7 Days of 21 Day Fix

Yahoo! Today I am eating my 7th day of the 21 day fix diet. Eating Clean and Exercising each day.
But I am on a roll now and it's pretty much a breeze and I don't find it hard to eat the approved foods. I am even starting to get a little creative. 
It was a rocky start trying to figure out what to eat each day. The containers help a lot. 

Today we are having my son over for his birthday, I am fixing lasagna, I am going to make me a 21 day approved lasagna recipe. I will share this on another post. Last night I made chocolate chip cookies, my favorite cookies in the whole world and yellow cake and chocolate frosting cupcakes. I did not eat any, nor will I today.

You know what the best part is?.....drum roll...I've lost 5 lbs in one week. I think it goes fast the first week, because it is a drastic change in your eating habits. I was hungry the first 4 days, but I am fine now. I have purchase the Shakeology, but I have not received it yet. Will get it Monday. It's full of vitamins and is suppose to really helpful in this Eating Clean Plan. We will see, it is a bit pricey. 

This is my dinner one evening. I had 2 proteins that needed to be eaten that evening and all my veggies and I was able to eat 8 olives. I had a nice salad made with crumbled cooked ground turkey, 1 egg sliced, 8 olives, onions, and bell peppers from my garden, a little other veggies as well, kale and broccoli shredded.  I use Red Wine Vinegar as my dressing. 

Here is a breakfast I eat many days...

Half Banana, Whole Wheat Waffle and other Fruit, the fruit I eat must fit into this container and counts as one fruit for the day, I get two. I also had two teaspoons of peanut butter on top my waffle, yummy! The waffle is 1 carb, I get two and it is from the yellow container. 

So as you can see if you are interested in losing some weight in 21 days, well you can do it!

I wanted to lose 12 lbs at least, I am up to 5 with two weeks to go.
Exercising each day. I am not a big person, so I cannot lose much more than 12 lbs. It will nice to fit back into my favorite pants and stop stress eating.
I use Autumn Calabrese's Videos that came with the book and containers. 

I might add that I have never eaten this healthy in all my life. Never. I am huge sugar fan, love ice cream, candy and cookies and all sorts of things that are not clean foods. I am doing this for health reasons and to lose weight and to tone up. I have been very stressed out after moving here and taking care of my mom, it has been very hard on me emotionally. I just felted ill and I needed to do something and fast. 

Happy Blessed Sunday!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September Crafts - Purrfectly Pieced Block of the Month and Exercise

Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn 2015

~Yep those are my feet and some beautiful colored leaves~

Wow it was so hot yesterday in the 100's. Crazy, it was so cool the week before, cool air in the evenings and mornings, it was great. 
What a tease nature did on us!
Hopefully it will soon get cool. I hate summer.
I so look forward to leaving this state in 5 years, just to hot for us.

Well onto better things....crafting.. I finished my Purrfectly Pieced #1 block of the month.

The poor kitty cannot have it's eyes until it is completed because of quilting, because of having to quilt the entire quilt when finished. I am not even sure I want to quilt it when finished. I would love to see what it looks like quilted before I make up my mind about that.
Each month I get a new block to work on and finish. 
I still need to do a little embroidery on the kitty before my next kit comes, or I can wait until last to do the embroidery as well as the eyes.

I wish they had a group for this, but I have not found one yet.

I am getting my BOM from Shabby Fabrics, this is what the quilt will look like when finished.

I wonder what next month will be? so excited.

I started the 21 Beachbody day Fixate with Autumn Calabrese 

I have measured and had my husband take my before photos, in 21 days we will see what my results are. Yesterday was my first day! Yay!
I really need to do this because of my stress and aches and pains and zero energy. 
I figure what do I have to lose, except inches and a few lbs. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September Crafts and Purrfectly Pieced Block of the Month

Good Morning!

I hope everyone is getting ready for fall and enjoying the beginning of what will be soon! falling leaves and cooler weather!

It has not really been to fall like in the Sacramento area. Boo! today is cool though. 
Lots of terrible fires and smoking fills the air, it's terrible for the loss of life, property, land, pets and wild animals and trees!
My prayers for all those affected by this horrible tragedy!

I hope I used the correct word (affected, not effect) that is a very hard word for me, the worse!

I stared a block of the month called Purrpecly Pieced. 
I just got it this week, I am kind of disappointed it comes late or rather in mid month, but it will arrive at the same time each month, so I still have one month to complete it.
I don't have my cat anymore that I adopted because of my dog, but I still love cats and this is the first time I can remember since adulthood that I did not have a cat. 

Isn't that so darn cute, this is block number 1, the Block of the Month runs 6 months. 

I started making a fall wreath made with Burlap. Very popular fabric for crafts right now and for your garden when you get a freeze. I was surprised a year ago it was also used for crafts, so I am trying it out.
I am making these flowers for it, It's a little time consuming but not to bad. The end result will be very cute and worth the hard work. Although it's not anywhere near as hard as the butterfly embroidery I did in July. 

I don't know if I will go all the way down, but in order to see the beauty of the flowers you kind of have to go all around because when the wreath is hanging you can't see the beauty of the flowers.

I got glasses, my eyes are actually not that bad. They are readers. I need those for tiny words on my phone and while reading and looking at the computer. I used to not have to use them at the computer, but I would always forget to take them off and now it seems weird to not use them at the computer. I think I made my eyes lazy.
I just can't get used to looking at myself with glasses!

I don't know if I look older or younger. Oh well I need them and so that is that. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

Hugs from Kat

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pretty Black Onyx Leaf and Jasper Beads on Leather Necklace -Bedroom Update-

It's heading ever so close to fall, I can't wait.

I made this really cute fall necklace, a bit different and a longer style, about 13" long. I was hoping to have time to make and add some new styles running in my head of this style of Jewelry. 

What do you think of it?

I am working on my changing my bed from a rainbow quilt I made to a bought quilt from JC Penny, well actually it's called a coverlet, it's a greenish color, I thought it would be more aqua, but anyway I am sewing pillows for it.

My rainbow quilt I made in 2013. I am going to take to the public laundry mat and wash it in their big washing machine, then put it up for when I need a little cheer up. It's so cheery isn't it?
Even though we have moved since then our room looks almost the same except without the Indian Pink walls!

Beautiful crisp white pillows and sheets with a off white super soft blanket is part of our new ensemble and I love it!

I just love this bird fabric. Next I will be making an Ohio Star Quilt with lovely plain colored stars and white background. I also am working on the Alaska Quilt and the Photo Album. To many things going on here. 

Please Pray for California as we have to many fires and pray for the firemen and people losing their homes, the unhealthy air full of smoke. The land that God made, a beautiful land he has blessed us with. It's to bad the positions of California have not allowed us to save water the we had but have wasted it and squandered it that could have been stored for a ((rainy day!)) pardon the pun but no joke here.
I was watching a video of the firemen putting out the fire and one said to the other fireman don't waste water. The horror of what they are going through, just sickens me. 

Have a Blessed Sunday!


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean

Good bye August....I won't miss you. My least favorite month of the year.
We went to Moss Landing, near Monterey on our way to Big Sur.
While I hate August because of the hot California summers, the sunsets are beautiful.

Have a wonderful very favorite month of the year!