Sunday, September 27, 2015

My 7 Days of 21 Day Fix

Yahoo! Today I am eating my 7th day of the 21 day fix diet. Eating Clean and Exercising each day.
But I am on a roll now and it's pretty much a breeze and I don't find it hard to eat the approved foods. I am even starting to get a little creative. 
It was a rocky start trying to figure out what to eat each day. The containers help a lot. 

Today we are having my son over for his birthday, I am fixing lasagna, I am going to make me a 21 day approved lasagna recipe. I will share this on another post. Last night I made chocolate chip cookies, my favorite cookies in the whole world and yellow cake and chocolate frosting cupcakes. I did not eat any, nor will I today.

You know what the best part is?.....drum roll...I've lost 5 lbs in one week. I think it goes fast the first week, because it is a drastic change in your eating habits. I was hungry the first 4 days, but I am fine now. I have purchase the Shakeology, but I have not received it yet. Will get it Monday. It's full of vitamins and is suppose to really helpful in this Eating Clean Plan. We will see, it is a bit pricey. 

This is my dinner one evening. I had 2 proteins that needed to be eaten that evening and all my veggies and I was able to eat 8 olives. I had a nice salad made with crumbled cooked ground turkey, 1 egg sliced, 8 olives, onions, and bell peppers from my garden, a little other veggies as well, kale and broccoli shredded.  I use Red Wine Vinegar as my dressing. 

Here is a breakfast I eat many days...

Half Banana, Whole Wheat Waffle and other Fruit, the fruit I eat must fit into this container and counts as one fruit for the day, I get two. I also had two teaspoons of peanut butter on top my waffle, yummy! The waffle is 1 carb, I get two and it is from the yellow container. 

So as you can see if you are interested in losing some weight in 21 days, well you can do it!

I wanted to lose 12 lbs at least, I am up to 5 with two weeks to go.
Exercising each day. I am not a big person, so I cannot lose much more than 12 lbs. It will nice to fit back into my favorite pants and stop stress eating.
I use Autumn Calabrese's Videos that came with the book and containers. 

I might add that I have never eaten this healthy in all my life. Never. I am huge sugar fan, love ice cream, candy and cookies and all sorts of things that are not clean foods. I am doing this for health reasons and to lose weight and to tone up. I have been very stressed out after moving here and taking care of my mom, it has been very hard on me emotionally. I just felted ill and I needed to do something and fast. 

Happy Blessed Sunday!


  1. Hi Kat, congratulations on the weight loss. My husband and I started a diet 2 weeks ago called the Core program and we ate badly today. I lost 4 pounds and now my face sags even more. The only fat I have is in my tummy and of course it is always the last to go. Keep up the good work. We will get back on track on Monday. I did have pancakes made with eggs, peanut butter and banana and they were really good!

    1. Susan you should try the 21 day fix. If you exercise everyday and drink the shakeology or take vitamins you should be fine. Don't forget the vitamins and water!i have heard grapes are good for your skin. I love them and eat a lot of them, esp the purple and red.

  2. Congrats, yes when I went on my eating plan I lost 11 pounds in 10 days, that is how long the detox part was and then you could add breads and dairy back in. My girlfriend has gone on this diet and did good as long as she was on it but gained back after she went off a bit, has to be a life long thing that's for sure. I feel so much better when I don't cheat which I have done a few times.

  3. Connie what diet were you on? that is great you lost 11 lbs!!! congrats! I think chattering once in awhile is ok, but not everyday for sure.

  4. I have lost 65 pounds all together since last June, it is slower going now that we have gone on vacation and I didn't follow the diet plan and eat out at least once a week now and don't worry about what I eat. I am following it is a faith based eating plan I did it with 5 other girls in the church, I think I am the only one that is still following it for the most part but I also was the biggest one of all the girls too. My girlfriend just reached her goal and lost 45 pounds on the plan so she is just maintaining now.

  5. Kat, that is just great! I have a lot of friends that are doing the clean eating. The stuff you have looks good, the stuff they had looked awful, so I have never tried it. The Shakeology was big here a few years ago and people lost a lot of weight and gained a lot back. I think the clean eating is what people here are doing now with great results. I am proud of you. Good job!!!

  6. Hi Kat, I love your new header! I love fall! I really need to get my health. I told my husband that I would like to start taking walks. He is such a couch potato! I would love to travel up north next year. I like seeing your pictures. You don't have a url open below. Here is my add


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat