Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pretty Black Onyx Leaf and Jasper Beads on Leather Necklace -Bedroom Update-

It's heading ever so close to fall, I can't wait.

I made this really cute fall necklace, a bit different and a longer style, about 13" long. I was hoping to have time to make and add some new styles running in my head of this style of Jewelry. 

What do you think of it?

I am working on my changing my bed from a rainbow quilt I made to a bought quilt from JC Penny, well actually it's called a coverlet, it's a greenish color, I thought it would be more aqua, but anyway I am sewing pillows for it.

My rainbow quilt I made in 2013. I am going to take to the public laundry mat and wash it in their big washing machine, then put it up for when I need a little cheer up. It's so cheery isn't it?
Even though we have moved since then our room looks almost the same except without the Indian Pink walls!

Beautiful crisp white pillows and sheets with a off white super soft blanket is part of our new ensemble and I love it!

I just love this bird fabric. Next I will be making an Ohio Star Quilt with lovely plain colored stars and white background. I also am working on the Alaska Quilt and the Photo Album. To many things going on here. 

Please Pray for California as we have to many fires and pray for the firemen and people losing their homes, the unhealthy air full of smoke. The land that God made, a beautiful land he has blessed us with. It's to bad the positions of California have not allowed us to save water the we had but have wasted it and squandered it that could have been stored for a ((rainy day!)) pardon the pun but no joke here.
I was watching a video of the firemen putting out the fire and one said to the other fireman don't waste water. The horror of what they are going through, just sickens me. 

Have a Blessed Sunday!


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  1. Hi Kat!! The necklace and the quilt are both beautiful!!
    I hate it that California and other states too have these fires the way you do. I have been praying. I do hope you get some rain soon to help the firefighters. It is so devastating. Have a nice week.


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat