Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September Crafts and Purrfectly Pieced Block of the Month

Good Morning!

I hope everyone is getting ready for fall and enjoying the beginning of what will be soon! falling leaves and cooler weather!

It has not really been to fall like in the Sacramento area. Boo! today is cool though. 
Lots of terrible fires and smoking fills the air, it's terrible for the loss of life, property, land, pets and wild animals and trees!
My prayers for all those affected by this horrible tragedy!

I hope I used the correct word (affected, not effect) that is a very hard word for me, the worse!

I stared a block of the month called Purrpecly Pieced. 
I just got it this week, I am kind of disappointed it comes late or rather in mid month, but it will arrive at the same time each month, so I still have one month to complete it.
I don't have my cat anymore that I adopted because of my dog, but I still love cats and this is the first time I can remember since adulthood that I did not have a cat. 

Isn't that so darn cute, this is block number 1, the Block of the Month runs 6 months. 

I started making a fall wreath made with Burlap. Very popular fabric for crafts right now and for your garden when you get a freeze. I was surprised a year ago it was also used for crafts, so I am trying it out.
I am making these flowers for it, It's a little time consuming but not to bad. The end result will be very cute and worth the hard work. Although it's not anywhere near as hard as the butterfly embroidery I did in July. 

I don't know if I will go all the way down, but in order to see the beauty of the flowers you kind of have to go all around because when the wreath is hanging you can't see the beauty of the flowers.

I got glasses, my eyes are actually not that bad. They are readers. I need those for tiny words on my phone and while reading and looking at the computer. I used to not have to use them at the computer, but I would always forget to take them off and now it seems weird to not use them at the computer. I think I made my eyes lazy.
I just can't get used to looking at myself with glasses!

I don't know if I look older or younger. Oh well I need them and so that is that. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

Hugs from Kat


  1. Hi sweet friend! You look darling in your glasses :) It's so good to pop in for a visit - your wreath is perfect for fall. Hugs to you!

  2. Your quilt block looks neat, I have always seen these but never done it before, good luck. The wreath is neat, yes burlap is big right now, going all around would be very pretty. I have had glasses for almost 40 years now and can't imagine not wearing them, you look great either way

  3. Well, first of all, Kat, I LOVE your new glasses. They look great on you, and you are beautiful! Oh, I used to quilt and did blocks of the month and loved it. But then I started stamping, and well, the rest is history. But I must get back to making some quilt cards. I love them. What a beautiful block, and it looks like a challenge. Am I correct in assuming it's appliqué? And I love the wreath! So glad to visit, and I hope to visit again soon! Thanks for your visit (and sorry to disappoint with my "name" that started because I was quilting back then! Hugs!

  4. Hi Kat! Oh I love the quilt block, how fun! It is so cute and so you. The kitty is adorable.
    Your wreath is pretty too, I love it.
    I love your glasses! You just look like you in glasses. I had to get reading glasses about 4 years ago. It was when I was student teaching. My eyes are ok for distance, but I could not see very good up close.
    I just saw your post about being happy for me about the job opportunity. I actually never did apply for it. There was just something holding me back. I get hesitant when I feel that way. I do hope something opens up that I am comfortable with soon. My thing is, I am getting older and my back will get hurt if I take some of the jobs that are open. I honestly wish a part time teaching position would open up. I saw one over the summer, but I did not apply, I was looking for full time positions then and was applying for those. It is funny how you change your mind and see things differently over a short time. Who knows, we shall see. If it were the right position I would work full time no big deal. I just realized that my job was taking so much out of me. I did not even know until I was home again and able to take care of the house and yard again. I was too tired before. Have a nice week!!!


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat