Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween! Beaded Swarovski Crystal Spider Necklace!

Oh my goodness...I can't believe I did not make one post in my blog the entire month of October until today.

My husband has had knee surgery this month, my moms been ill and we had a mini vacation in our tiny trailer. We went to the Redwoods here in Norcal, that is Northern California and then we crossed into Oregon and stayed in a wonderful campground there, of which I will keep top secret.

Now today I got up to do one thing and did another. LOL! well I got up as usual and was going to do one thing, but did another, lets put it that way.

I made this creepy spider beaded necklace, that is the thing I did not plan on making today at all. But I did, yes, yes, yes.

I got the directions for the spider at the link below.

Here is mine!

I updated my photos on November 1st to show what I Looked like all dressed up for Halloween. I only did it to wear this necklace and have my photo with the kids. I am not even into Halloween, but the boys and Kayla like to trick or treat. 

My husband took the above photo of me. I am holding my head so stiff because of the wig I have on. It is long, but it looked horrible on me. Steve thought I should leave it flowing, but I was to embarrassed to do that. It was awful. I've never wore black hair or dark hair, my was always white blond and eventually in my late 20's turned dishwater, that is what it is still. Boring.

Here is the kids and I. Kayla's friend is in the red, the rest is my family, Brandon on the left in all black, I have no idea what that is, Kayla in yellow, she is a freshman now, Kayla's friend in Red, me and my daughter Kirsten. She never dresses up either, but her step daughter Kayla wanted to paint up her face. Then there is Grammy's darling, Rylan, Ninja Turtle.  He is 4 years old this summer. My how time flies. 

I got the spider web tulle at Joann's for less than $7.00.

Have a Happy Halloween and a safe one!


Next I will talk about Diet, Vacation and my BOM, Block of the Month.