Sunday, December 20, 2015

Merry Little Vintage Christmas Dessert Party!

We had a Vintage Christmas Party.
Everyone was suppose to dress up in 1950's Style Clothing. Some did, some did not. It was fun to see what everyone came up with. I didn't want anyone to spend money on dressing up, so I gave some ideas for everyone on a Pinterest Page I made especially for that.

Someone suggested that we have a photo taken of all my guest, so we did that, my girlfriends boyfriend took it, he did not want to be in the photo.

I got this at the $1.00 tree, it looks Vintage to me. I did not buy any decorations for the party, I had several vintage things already. 

Steve welcomes the guest.

outdoor decorations

 front porch
front porch after we added two tiny trees on each side of the door, so welcoming I think.
Party table with some Vintage flare, some things are actually Vintage, such as the candelabra. Unfortunately I did not remember to take a photo of the food on the table.
I made some Vintage Table Runners for this table and another, I quilted them with Vintage style fabric, but I did not show them off in these photos. To bad they are super cute.
I found a link on my blog of one of them I made last year. Here is the link to it.

Photo of my daughter and I at the Vintage Christmas Party!

Here is everyone minus some sick people, well friends of mine. I was sad she could not make it.

A Photo of me in my dress, I was lifting my foot up, but you can't tell, to bad the shoes are darling, I got them from Target and have lots of sparkle to them.

Here is some friends and I, we are over 50 and fabulous, I think we all look pretty good for over 50. I met them both in the 90's while working as a waitress. Missing is my friend from Jr. High. 

What's missing is my husband and I together. We will be hopefully be going to Old Sacramento CrabShack and then we can strand in front of the tree of he and I, with me in another cute dress or outfit. LOL! Or maybe even this one. 

The Party Game

So the party was not something I had to spend at ton of money on. Everyone brought desserts, we swapped out and we played one game I made up. Everyone got a candy cane as entering the house, with a name on it like Rudolph, Merry, Mary, and other Christmas names, some from the bible such as Mary.
Later, everyone chose a cookie cutter out of basket I had, and it was also tagged with the same names that were on the candy canes. Whomever drew the name that matched their candy cane was the winner. It took two tries. Rudolph ended up being the winner name. Starbucks Coffee card was the gift. 

We truly had a wonderful little Christmas party with out alcohol and it put everyone in the mood for Christmas. 

I hope and pray you have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!



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  2. It all looks so beautiful. The trees are welcoming. I love that look.
    Merry Christmas Kat to you and your whole family.


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat