Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

Hello All,

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Years Eve and Day!

We had a friend over for dinner. For Christmas Eve I had all the family over, wew, what a night!
I told my husband after the kids left, I am exhausted, he said he was too. 
Afterwards we cleaned up the mess and went to bed, which is was late by the time we were done which was almost 12 am.

Lets start the new year with a little prayer...and bible verse from the Bible. I pray each one that comes to my blog has a wonderful and Happy New Year!

What is everyone working on? anything special and new ideas?
Especially now that the holidays are over, the lul of winter will set in and we will enjoy crafting and reading books and new projects and new ideas! I look forward to the New Year, I pray it's a happy and healthy one!

Here are some flowers I made so far for my Bloom Quilt. 

I have a few more flowers to go before I start quilting sewing them together and making steps and putting them in a blogs to sew up and make a quilt. 

This is going to be my newest quilt the Bloom quilt. It's a sew along with Lori Holt.
Check out her blog about her Quilt Along, the Bloom Quilt

I have a link on my blog about her quilt along, link below and above.

I also need to finish up my BOM, block of the month for my Purrfectly Pieced Quilt. 
I have not even started on Decembers and I just got an email that January's payment was taken for January's BOM. This will be the last month and then all 5 BOM's will be sent and I can finish up the quilt and add eyes to the kitties. I really can't stand the eyes not being on the kitties, but I was told they would send all the buttons and finishings in the last Kit. 
This is where I purchased the BOM, block of the month from Shabby Fabrics and each month I am sent the kit, I am working on the center one now, there are five blocks in all.  The last one coming up is going to be the one with the duck. I need to get the Home Sweet Home done right away. I don't want to get behind. 
I got hooked on making the flowers for Lori Holt's Bloom quilt, Christmas and the Holidays!

Have a very Happy Saturday Dear Friends!


  1. I love your projects Kat!! Your New Year's Eve. sounds great. We stayed in and watched tv. I think Josh and I finally went to bed around 1:00AM, funny...because last year I was in bed by 11PM...LOL!! Happy New Year!!! Have a great one!

  2. Happy New Year Kat! I really hope I can scrap this year.
    I hope to go camping this year with the grands. Love your little trailer.

  3. Those blooms are just gorgeous, love the fabrics too! Cardmaking never ends always birthdays around the corner but I do hope to get to more sewing, still working on a cross-stitch for my nephews wedding and I am sure there will be more crochet projects in the future :) Happy New Year!

  4. Thank your for the comment on my blog :-) Look forward to see your progress on the Bloom quilt. I just got the rest of the background fabric I needed to continue mine, so will work on in tomorrow :o)


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat