Thursday, January 14, 2016

Winter Days

Hello All, 

I always 
seem to get so much done in the winter. I am not really sure why. What about you?

This week I had to turn my attention away a bit from the bloom quilt. I needed to get done block #4 of Purrfectly Pieced BOM. Block of the month. The next one, and final one #5 was in the mail to me. 
Somehow I finished #4 all in one day on Monday. Mainly I finished it because my husband had the day off, which actually worked out good for me. I was able to get some much needed alone time. No cooking, cleaning. 
So just as I finished block #4, my husband comes in with the mail. In the mail was the last block and finishing kit, all the buttons for the kitties eyes, border and backing fabric. 
Today I finished block #5. All the blocks are complete. 
I can start sewing the blocks together now and the kitties shall get their eyes.
it's adorable..just as I thought it would be.
Time to stitch it up and quilt it.
This is all the progress I have on the bloom quilt. Only two unfinished flower blocks. Tomorrow is another day!
This is the old couch I am trying to bring some life to and into this room with this quilt.
the couch is in excellent condition, it's just old. I love the real wood on it. I hope the bloom quilt will help this room. Also the cute pillow I made is from a pattern in Lori Holts 2016 Calendar, the cozy house pillow. I will need to make another cute pillow for the other side. 
Sweet, very sweet. 
I didn't even make the table runner on the coffee table, but it has all the colors in my quilt!
Well next time I blog, hopefully there will be a lot more progress on the bloom quilt . 
On to healthy eating and the 21 day fix. I am maintaining my weight loss. But I need to stick to the clean eating. It is hard, esp with your 83 year old mom, who eats whatever she wants and the hubs a junk food junkie.
Thankfully I have never been over weight, but I had an extra 10 lbs I did not need or want. I exercise almost every single day. I can really see how my body is getting toned. I love it. 

This was dinner, salmon and salad for mom and I. For the hubs who hates fish, I gave him leftover homemade soup with turkey from thanksgiving. Yummy!

Have a great Thursday! God Bless!


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  1. Your kitty quilt is just adorable, very sweet!! Love the blooms quilt too, you are really going to town on these quilts, can't wait to see them finished.. I am not a lover of fish either, I am a very picky eater in fact, I have lost 5 pounds since the beginning of the year since I got back on my diet but I have had a few things I shouldn't have, so I am not sticking to it as well


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat