Saturday, February 4, 2017

Happy February 2017! Rainy Days and Snow!

Hi All!

It's raining so much in California still. I don't know maybe we will float away. I was hearing that Southern California was sunny the other day. I was a wee bit jealous.  

My husband and I went up the road about 20 minutes to Blue Canyon and played in the snow a bit. It was pretty and we had a fun time together and we brought our two dogs. Effie our black dog, she loves the snow, but Edee our Chihuahua does not really care for it on her paws. To cold for her!

I have my first of the year project started on my new quilt. I talked about it a few blog entries back. 

I have my first patch done. The quilt is by Edyta Sitar and it's called Quilter's Patch.

I hope my next blocks turn out better than this one. I did not do a good job. I don't know what happened. Boo! Boo! However it is acceptable because there is so many blocks that it won't be noticed. I did not make it exactly as she did. In her's none of the leaves touched.

Below is the new quilt I am starting to work on Called Millie's Dresses (Pattern)? or something like that. It's going to be for my daughter's Birthday in August. 

I think it's pretty darn cute. This pattern is by Lori Holt

Millie's Closet Fabric for the Dress Quilt

Here is the Another Quilt I plan on Making this year. This one is also by Lori Holt and is quilt fitting don't you think? That one is going to have to be after the Quilter's Patch and the Dress Quilt. So I am thinking in the summer maybe I can get started on the Camping one above. I can use up all my scraps in the squares. Our Camping Trips

Also on the sewing list is this Vintage Dress Pattern. 1940's Simplicity Pattern! Love it. I found this the other day.

I did this Valentine's Day Quilt in about a week and is quilted but I did not take a photo of it yet quilted. I need to. This is such a dark photo!

I am posting these to see how far I get this year. I think last year I made 5 quilts, table runners, many embroidery projects, hand as well as machine. Quite a few wall hangings/door hangings and whatever else I can't remember right now.

Well that was all January. Now I will see what February brings as we are into February right now. I know we are going camping this month to the coast. So I look forward to that.

Of course I did other projects as well, I don't just sew. I need to come back and post my Applesauce recipe, it's awesome. I love creating recipes. 

I think we got a new President in January as well. I am happy about it. What about you? I'm so sorry that we have so much anger. Think good thoughts and stay positive!
Many Prayers as well need to be said. 

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


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  1. Wow you have a lot of plans for quilts this year, I think your block turned out great, and if you had never shown the block the way it is meant to be you would never know you made a mistake. Glad to hear you are finally getting the rain that you so needed.


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat