Sunday, February 5, 2017

Pretty Little Sweetness Baby Girl, Baby Boy Angel Bracelets by KrystalKat's

Hi All,
Happy Sunday!

I wanted to post about my new Sweetness Baby Boy and Baby Girl Guardian Angel Bracelets. I spent last week making several. 
I have a lot of beads and I want to start using them up and branching out a bit from Suncatchers.

Here they are....Please check them out.

Pink Sweetness Valentine's Day Heart Angel Bracelet Earrings Set

Handmade Baby Girl Angel Bracelet
Pink Pearl and Swarovski Crystal Baby Girl Sweetness Angel Bracelet

Handmade Angel Bracelets
Instead of linking to each Angel Bracelet just click this link to go to the angel bracelet section on my website. 
Last year I started on my website that broke and I spent many many hours and days building it back up. Wew what a job.

Pretty Violet Pearl and Crystal and Pretty Peach Pearl Angel Baby Sweetness Bracelets

Handmade Angel Bracelet by Krystalkats

Baby Girl Necklace Handmade by Krystalkats
Last but not least this adorable beaded baby girl angel necklace, to get a better view of it visit my website.

God Bless You and Have a Blessed Sunday!

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