Wednesday, June 21, 2017

It's Summer! Summer Fun! June 2017

Hello Friends,

I have not been around to post in my blog.
Mom fell on May 5th and broke her hip and elbow in two places. She has been in a care home getting therapy. She had two surgeries before going to the care home. She may be coming home next week but I am not sure yet. She still cannot do a lot of things, so I am very concerned at this point what I may have to do. I have to think of a plan B. It would be temporary whatever that plan is. I think she is getting much better than she was, but I do think she needs to get in bed, out of bed and take herself to the bathroom before she can come home. 

I thought I would show off my grandkids today. Summer began officially yesterday!
I really cannot believe it.

This is Rylan First Day of School and Last Day of School

Morgan sitting in the our trailer as we get ready for another camping trip. Morgan graduated last year and has been working and will be starting a Vet Tech trade school this fall.

Just a few weeks ago we went to Cassini Ranch, that is at the Russian River here in California. Yes the Russian River. Who is sick of hearing about the Russians... raise your hands. But this was a beautiful place to go camping and we had a great time.
It is along the CA HWY coast Northern CA.
This is me standing at the top of the mountain on HWY 1 on our way to Fort Ross

It was the best campground we've been to except in Brooking Oregon, that one was pretty great as well.

This is what part of the campground looks like, so peaceful. This is our trailer with Steve in the background.

After getting home from our trip I started on another quilt

Dresden Plate
These are Dresden Plate Quilt Blocks, the first of my new quilt that will go on our bed. For the longest time I have not been able to find a fabric or quilt block I wanted to use for our bed until this past week. I already had this fabric in my stash. It is a 2017 release from from Riley Blake, by  Cottage Mama, Lindsay Wilkes
Dainty Darlings is the name of this fabric collection
Isn't it so pretty? Almost Vintage looking to me, something my grandma might have.
I am going to put some vines and leaves in the quilt as well. It's all planned out in my head not on paper. This same fabric is what I used to make my wallpaper on my blog.
the blanket stitch around the circle is nice, but the bobbin thread came to the top for some reason in a few spots, I will have to take a needle and thread and go over the white thread that came up to the top of the circle and cover that white fabric up.

Table Runner Designed by Edyta Sitar
I made this super cute table runner designed by Edyta Sitar before we left for our last camping trip. It's already on the table. Need some little flowers in the vase.
Well I better get to visit mom and get ready for our camping trip to the Reno Quilt Show. It's so nice to take our trailer to stay in while going to the quilt show. Love it.

Happy Summer!



  1. Hi Kat! It looks like you are having fun. The Grandkids look wonderful.
    Your quilt block make me think of one my mother-in-law is going to make. She told me to get my dad's ties and she is going to make a quilt with them. I googled it and it should be very pretty!
    Have a great summer. I am hoping for better days, but this year has been awful for me.

  2. So sorry to hear that your mom took a fall, hope she will be able to heal well through the therapy.
    Glad to see you have been out having fun with your camper.
    Your grandson is too cute, and big congrats to your granddaughter on graduating and going on to tech school.
    Love your quilt block, I made a pillow with that block but that is all, great fabrics you have found!
    Great table runner, that is just stunning!


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat