Monday, January 1, 2018

Good Bye 2017! Happy New Year! Hello 2018

Well... I missed writing in my blog for many months. 
Yesterday was my moms 85th Birthday! 

We had a wonderful Christmas I hope you did too!

I guess I will share some Christmas Photos today

My grandkids Morgan now 19 years old! and Rylan 6.
Mom with my two kids, Shane and Kirsten and my two grandkids here great grands and Kirsten's step grandkids.
~Mom and me~
All of us, missing is my daughter in law, my son and her are not together anymore.
My sweetie and me. 

During the past months mom of course as I mentioned my mom broker her hip and elbow. I know have to shower her and take her everywhere she needs to go, that includes Dr appts and to visit her husband in the home. I am cutting way back on some of her errands as it has become overwhelming to me. Organization is key.

Steve is back to work after his surgery for the full knee replacement. He went back a few days after Thanksgiving. He seems to be doing ok, but is in pain some. He has a Doctor appt coming up. It is said it takes a long while to heal. 

In October Steve and I took a camping trip to Idaho and Montana
We are looking for a place to move out of California. 

Have a Happy New Year!
God Bless You this New Year of 2018!


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  1. Looks like you had a nice time with family, sorry to hear about your mom, hope healing comes to her and your hubby in this coming year and you are able to stay healthy as you take care of your family!


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat