Sunday, March 25, 2018

Oops It's March

Hello All,

Mom fell again on the 6th day of January. She fractured her pelvis. Last year she fell in May and broke her hip and elbow. She was in a care home three weeks this time and last year six weeks. This all has really taken a toll on moms physical being. She is frail and I am now her full time caregiver. Let me tell you it is a lot of work. Very stressful at times. I have had many friends say to me I wish my mom was alive, and believe me I am happy my mom is alive, but when people say that after I say it is a lot of work I don't think they understand the stress this can put on one person. Thanks be to God for my wonderful husband! he never complains about the fact we cannot go anywhere or do much until we can figure out how to deal with this all.

On March 9th my step father passed away he was in a care home. It all happened so fast. He passed away at the age 83. We had the funeral within 4 days. I had already been with mom just at the beginning of the year to the Cemetery to have her chose her end of life plans for burial and such. I can't believe what a great decision that was on my part. After Christmas I had the week of mom where I got all things done to make sure if something  happened to her or Dave that everything would be taken care of legally and otherwise. Now that my step dad has passed away I have more things to do! but we are getting them done quickly and I think one more thing to do and then move on and try to enjoy the rest of the year.

It has been such a difficult year. Now that we are passed all these unpleasant situations Steve and I would like to go camping and enjoy some life, but what to do with mom? My brothers won't help and take her in so even though it's our 30th anniversary year, we are trying to be imaginative how we can still do things and take care of mom. She cannot stay home alone for days upon a time. I am not comfortable having strangers in our house sleeping in our bed, perhaps rambling through our private life and who knows what else. My kids work so that is out as well.
I have 2 brothers one lives in Washington and Utah. I thought the one in Utah would take mom for a week because he retired last year, but he won't do it.

My back has literally been killing me these past weeks. I feel so miserable and at times very depressed. 

It's going to be my birthday on the 9th of April, I can't believe that the year is suddenly going by so fast. 

Next week on Easter my family and I are getting together and going to Coloma for a picnic. It's been raining so much I hope the sun will shine that day so we can all get out of the house. After all these depressing things I really want to be in nature and outdoors. There are trails to walk and the American River is known for the discovery of Gold at Coloma in 1848 and started the Gold Rush. It is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. Today the river has high quality water and is the main source of drinking water for the Sacramento Valley. The American River watershed supports Mediterranean, temperate, and montane ecosystems, and it is the home of a diverse array of fish and wildlife.

I can't tell you how frustrating it is to be living in a Sanctuary state that feels like a third would country in many ways with all the homelessness, drug addicts everywhere, illegals. Everywhere I go people don't speak English! Steve and I can't wait to move but we will be here at least 3 more years if we can hang on even that long, but we have no choice because of his retirement won't be until 2020 or 2021.

Some valentine's I made for Valentine's day. Instead of cards I gave mom and Steve some valentine's that will last. Steve uses his as a mug rug. I will be posting a little tutorial on that I hope soon. I want to blog a bit more than I do right now. 
I have a trip to add into my blog we took in the fall and get up to date on my quilting and crafts. I like to put everything like that into my blog so I can remember it all.

I hope everyone has a Beautiful Blessed Sunday!
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