Sunday, December 23, 2018

Last Post of 2018 Merry Christmas

Hello all Merry Christmas 2018

I hope everyone is doing well. It's been awhile since I have posted to my blog. I am not sure I am really interested in blogging anymore. 
However I wanted to post somethings for me to remember about this year of 2018. 

My Quilts
Quilts of 2018
I made 8 quilts but could have made two more, but I decided to work on some other crafts, machine embroidery and sewing many other things and even sold some of my sewing crafts to my etsy shop.
Here are the quilts I made from top left to right

1.Top Left ---- Odori Quilt Pattern PDF file
Just in case that goes away at some point here is another link at the shop's blog Fatquarter Shop
3.Top right---Follow Your Heart  The Sweetwater Co
4. Middle far left --- Berry Patch (Free Pattern) by Edyta Sitar
5. Middle --- Is not a quilt but a placemat heart I made using Maureen Cracknell Fabric for Art Gallery Love Story. I use the placemat under our lamps in our bedroom. The Odori Quilt is made with this fabric so it's a match for our new quilted bedspread I made.
6. Stars and Stripes by Sweetwater Co ---That one is for my daughter's Christmas Gift
7. I don't remember what this quilt was called but it's by Figtree. It's in her book Fresh Vintage
8. Stars and Stripes by Sweetwater Co---this one for my son's Christmas Gift
9. I don't remember what the name of that quilt is. That is my first quilt of 2018. I started it a few days after Christmas last year, it took about two weeks to make. I was not in any hurry.

So there you go! Just in case anyone travels over to my blog and says, Oh I really like that quilt and goes crazy to figure out where it came from. Well, now you don't have to go crazy, all the information you need is here.
Above is the 1. Quilt Odori

One of our camping trips, we only made it for two this year, but two then none at all.
This was a fun trip to Idaho. We traveled through Oregon and Washington to get there.
We had tried to purchase a house in Idaho but it fell through because we found out the house was in a flood zone and the insurance was ridiculously expensive. No one told us about the house being in a flood zone. It was a stressful situation and in the end I am glad we did not get the house. It was not what God has planned for us.
So for now we are stuck in CA for at least 2 years.

Here is a cute Christmas craft I made last night, it's called a Kissletow, get it. Check it out!

It's a kit by Hershey kisses but you can make it yourself with a styrofoam ball and the same stickies you use in card making, you will need a screw in plastic hook to hang it.
Here is the kit and directions with all that you need to make this fun Kissiltoe

Have a very Merry Christmas Love and Hugs