Monday, June 3, 2019

Happy June 2019! My Fairy Garden, Star Quilt, Paper Crafting Bookmarks

Hello All,

Here June is already! the year was going slow until May and then it has just sped up.

We had a great time at Lake Tahoe for our camping trip. We had surprise snow. That was kind of a boo, but it was nice to get away.

Some nice photos of the campground and around Lake Tahoe.

Finished my Yes You Can table runner! yay! This pattern is by Lori Holt incase anyone is wanting to know.

I made some adorable bookmarks with these "For You Deer" by Lawnfawn. I find them to be just adorable. 

I finished the top of this quilt last August, but it did not get quilted. I had to put it down and get the Christmas quilts for my kids started and finished. They are all made with this fabric by Sweetwater Co which is my favorite right now. 

I made a fairy garden. I am going to paint that pot, it's ugly. But everything inside is super cute.

There you go that is May's projects. The quilt is ready to be quilted and I will start that tomorrow.
Hope everyone is off to a good start this June 3. 
I am so sad for all those suffering the floods and tornado's. My prayers for them all.


  1. Oh wow that would be a bummer with the snow but bet getting away made up for it. your bookmarks are so cute, like they had front and back. Gorgeous quilts, and your fairy garden is too cute, I agree time is just flying!


Have a wonderful day! ~Kat