Monday, August 12, 2019

July 2019 Leaving California

Hello Friends,

Hope your year is going wonderful. 

It's been a busy year with lots of changes. We have been looking for a home in Idaho and finally found a house we love with 1 acre property. It's like a forest behind the house. We love it. We are only into week 2 of the process of Escrow. Anything can happen so it's neve wracking. 

I'm going to post a few photos, I'll talk later more about what's going on and what part of Idaho after we get the keys in our hot little hands!

Idaho is not a cheap as it once was to move too. About 2005 we wanted to move there, but for whatever reason we did not, probably mainly because we had just purchased a new home in 2003. I think the memory of moving just across town was and how hard it is to move was too fresh in our minds. Moving out of state takes a lot of planning and perfect timing. 

We've been to Idaho twice this year, had many outings with the family and a few camping trips. It has been a fun busy year!

The house we are purchasing is about 300 sq ft less than the house we have now, so we have to get a few pieces of furniture that are smaller, one the dining room table. I won't be cooking for a big family  anymore, so time to get a smaller table. I am trying to find something with grey and that will also fit with my hutch. This is not easy.

Here is Kirsten's Christmas Quilt I made for her birthday. I used Sweetwater fabric again. I used Merry Starts Here Fabric Collection. I made up my own pattern so I could use those darling printed snowman they print and designed. I am really hooked on Sweetwater Fabrics! Kirsten is happy and she wanted it for her birthday so she could use it for Christmas.

Have a wonderful week in August! my least favorite month of the year! to hot!!!