Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Homemade Humming Bird Nectar Recipe is the Best Way to Go and Packing

Every recipe I read for the hummingbird nectar is the same. However some people do not understand the one part to four parts.
Another thing I have read is not to put red dye in the hummingbirds nectar. Give them fresh nectar every few days and clean the feeder. 
Sometimes I wonder if we are helping or killing these little guys. 
Anyway I have a lot of hummingbirds looking for food and did not put any out this year because it's a lot of work to be that responsible for making fresh nectar and replacing with fresh every few days and cleaning the feeder. I am not always in the mood for that. 
However I feel so bad they are looking all over for it at my house going right up to the windows. 

Recipe for Hummingbird Nectar

1 cup sugar
4 cups water

Heat the water and add the sugar until it dissolves and stir very well. Add to feeder and change out every few days. Be sure to clean the feeder before adding fresh new nectar. There will be some leftover nectar most likely so you can store it in the fridge. I don't fill my feeders all the way up that way it does not get wasted. My hummingbirds are very stingy and aggressive and don't like to share 
so I normally only have a few feeding off the one feeder. 

I know today is 9-11 and I am hearing all the sad stories. Really brings you back to that very sad day. God Bless all those that lost family and all the wonderful people that worked so tirelessly to save lives and look for those that they knew we're not alive.

Nope not time to get to Idaho yet, the house has not closed. I am aimlessly going through the house each day wondering if I should pack or not pack? Will the house close? It's supposed to close on the 20th, but I ask and get no definite answer. It's so frustrating. 
Today we took picture and art off the walls and painted where the pictures were. I took a lot of things and packed it so stage the house for selling. 
Just to get rid of clutter. If anything goes wrong with the house, we will just sell this one and figure out the next step. I am sure everything will be ok. But if the house does not close in time the sellers could get mad and cut the deal off.

So this room was once two rooms and we removed the fireplace wall that separated the two rooms and made into one large open area. We got a new blue couch a few years ago and now the furniture does not match. Well the chairs and couches. They don't have lazy-boy where we are going so we ordered a new recliner couch in blue, that is the only couch Steve will sit on. It will be here Friday. My son will take the old greenish tan couch under my quilt and I will move the tan chair to out in the garage to open up the space and it will flow better with the same colored furniture, at least I think so. And removing the chair will help as well. The space is a nice space. I will try to get a decent photo after the new couch arrives on Saturday. Thankful we took down the wall and fireplace that separated these rooms it was just so weird. 

With so many things off the wall it looks so bare, but I think this is a good idea, helps people imagine their own things in that space. 

Take Care and Have a Wonderful Evening!

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Happy September 2019

Hi All,

I no longer get my emails saying I am getting visitors to my blog, they have ceased. And because I don't have time to check here I don't know about it until I come to post. So sorry for rudeness in that, I don't mean to be. Anyway I went to visit a few blogs today that have made comments to my blog. I love blogging but I don't have time for it except once in a while. Maybe when I get to Idaho and in the winter when it snows I will have more time. Where we are moving it snows a lot and we have been warned. I have looked at photos online of those living in the town and they are still alive and having fun so I am sure Steve and I will do just fine! We have been to Idaho 2 times this year and people do actually live in the snow. I live near where it snows, the Sierra Mountains and we go to the snow. Some people do think Californians cannot handle the snow! We have very popular ski resorts near by. When I worked at a restaurant off the I80, we had movie stars that came in on their way to ski from SoCal. A lot of them were from Soap Opera's and some were men from professional sports. Every waitress would go crazy with excitement. We would walk by their tables if we were not the one serving them just to take a little peek.
Anyway back to the snow, Steve was actually born in PA and lived there quite a few times. I was born in Delaware and moved a few weeks after I was born to Ohio and then on the CA and then from there France, from there back to CA and from there to New York and then from there back to CA for good!
So I do remember as a child the snow and in New York it was cold!
I Graduated high school here and had my kids in CA and now my grandkids are all Californians. 
So what is going on with the new house? First off I have to fix the typo I made last time I posted to my blog. It is not 3000 sf smaller but 300, LOL! Our house now is almost 1600 and the new one will be 1200. That is a bit small for me, but it does have an open floor plan. The only problem I have with it is that there are a lot of doors going off the space. For instance they put the master on one side of the house and the other two bedrooms and bath on the other side of the house. They could have put them all on the same side and we would have more space in the living area. Besides I do hate the master is off the living room. Weird. But who can pass up on a backyard that looks like a mini forest and a lake 1.4 miles from your house in a small town of 2000 people!
I am desperate to get away from the city and homelessness in CA and the crime and just general craziness here. Everyone we know are really good people and nothing like what is displayed on the news. I don't know any crazy people in CA! Everyone is leaving CA though, all the conservatives are leaving from all ages, the young without children the young with children and the middle age and older. A lot of them moving to Idaho and I would assume so they are not so far away from their families and because of the dry heat and not the humid weather that those in CA are not used to at all. A lot of those from SoCal are moving to the lower parts of Idaho. Those in Northern CA seem to enjoy and are moving to North Idaho. I am connected to many leaving CA FB pages.
 Idaho is arid in the lower part of I think and here in Northern CA we are a Mediterranean climate.
 I believe the lower part of Idaho is arid where as North Idaho is Mediterranean as well, but with milder summers and colder winters.
So I have been getting rid of a ton of stuff on FB. It is great you can sell for free in your area. Well, anywhere really, but for pick ups it's great and fast and you can make some money off things you don't need. So far we have made over $850.00. I am going to keep doing it until we have to get to Idaho for the closing and then fix up the house to the way we like it. Ha!
Then we will get back home and pack up some stuff and put it somewhere not sure yet where, and stage the house and put it for sale.
I hope to be out of here before winter arrives in Idaho!
Wow, that was more than I expected to write today.

We got rid of a beautiful table, not this one, a very long table that I fed my family on, it sat 10 to 12 and bought this smaller one for $399.00! We bought it before we moved because my husband wants to stage the house. I agree but I didn't want to get the table now. But here it is. Makes the room look bigger than it did with our huge table, so now it's just right for the space. 
I have two chairs from the last dining room set, one is in the corner. The lady did not want to give me what I wanted for the dining room set, so I kept two chairs. I can use them as extra chairs when I need them and one is going in my craft room for my sewing table. So two extra chairs, they don't match the new set, but it's nice to have a few extra chairs. 

Here is my newest quilt before I got the border on it. All around the quilt are prairie points. The top ones were falling down and that would not be looking good for hanging a quilt so tacked them all down on the top of the quilt last night.

Finished and hanging on the wall over a quilt that is underneath it, the top prairie points tacked down so they don't hang down. I decorated for fall last night with just a few things, very few. Mostly things I quilted, table runners and this quilt and I will put out a cute candle and a tiny pumpkin and some fall pillows I made. 
Now it's time to say good-bye to my sewing machine until next year! So sad! I need to take it to get tuned up and the warranty is running out and we are leaving soon. 

The quilt is from a kit called Autumn Allure by a member of the design team at Shabby Fabrics online. 
I love it!
Great quilt to end the year with for a wall hanging style. I would not want to use it as a lap quilt. It's more for hanging I would think.