Kat's Cross Stitch

I have been doing Cross Stitch since about 1989, here is some of what I have done. Many I have done were given away as gifts or sold.

Presently Working On By Bucilla Alphabet Sampler

 Meowy Thyme Kitty Finished in 2010

Amish By Diane Graebner a beautiful artist of the amish love love love her work 

 Noah's Ark done in 1998
 These are from the 1990's Mary Mary Bearworthy from Hallmark, both the girl bear and boy bear below.

 I can't remember who this one is from, but it's the only one I had professionally framed.
By Mill Hill I actually have more of these beaded cross stitch finished but not photographed withe the beads and have down several beaded cross stitch pins/brooches 

 Amish By Diane Graebner a beautiful artist of the amish
I can't remember who this one is by, I have tried to find another one and remember the name of the girls company located in California or Ohio??

I found some more photos of my cross stitch in my photos, these ones below are the photos my mom took of things I made her.

This is a Wooden Box with a cross stitch butterfly on the top with pretty edging. Probably a Mill Hill pattern.

Cute angel pillow pattern by?? My mom took this photo for me.

Here is a Sample I made for my mom in 2010 she took this photo. It's cute kind of that country look. I don't remember whom it's by??

A little Christmas Cross Stitch, I made a lot of these cuties, pattern by??

Cute little Beaded Winter Scene Cross Stitch by Mill Hill, I think one of the beads fell off one the snowflakes.