What is quilling? Quilling is a paper art in which you use strips of paper that you roll and shape and glue to create some simple to intricate designs. Quilling is also known as filigree.  To create your first project in Quilling you will need a few supplies such as perhaps a beginners kit for Quilling, some paper strips, slotted tool, glue, tweezers, ruler and a guide book on how to quill would be helpful.

To begin quilling you would put glue at the tip of the strip of paper using the slotted tool and roll into a coil shape. The shaped coils are then used to make all sorts of motifs, such as butterflies, leaves, animals, birds and anything you can think of. You can make beads, jewelry, artwork, photo frames, cards, boxes, whatever your imagination can dream up you can quill.
It's a lot of fun!      

Last year right after Christmas I some how became interested in Quilling. I did a snowflake for my first project. I didn't like the way it turned out but my mom liked it, which was good because it was on her birthday card.

After that I found out my daughter was getting married, so I decided I would make her a quilled mat to go in a vintage frame I had around the house. After I completed the frame for the wedding gift I started making quilled birds.

The beginning of a fun new craft addiction. 

Learning to quill all the different little motifs was a lot of fun.

I just did a random pattern of anything I thought was pretty.

Finished minus the REAL photo of the bride and groom

Just Married! My daughter loved the gift, and said she wanted to learn to quill also. 

The pattern for the birds are by J Jenkins from the UK.
A Robin and a Greenfinch   

Happy Quilling!